Quiz Questions


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1. How many minutes in 2 hours?
Answer: 120
2. Who is Ireland’s rugby coach?
Answer: Andy Farrel
3. What hobby would you associate with hooks, rods, reels and baits?
Answer: Fishing/Angling
4. Who is the current manager of Manchester United?
5. Beginning with A, what is the name given to a counting frame where
coloured beads are moved back and forth to help calculate?
Answer: Abacus
6. What is the name given to the large sandstone rock in the Northern
Territory, Central Australia? It is also known as Uluru.
Answer: Ayers Rock
1. Who was the crowned the most recent winner of the UK X Factor?
2. Would you find the Arctic surrounding the North or South Pole?
Answer: North
3. Beginning with T, what is the name given to a violently spinning funnel
of air? It is sometimes known as a twister.
Answer: Tornado
4. Beginning with A, what fruit to the French refer to as Pommes?
Answer: Apples
5. How many degrees in a full rotation?
Answer: 360
6. Name the actress that plays Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games
Answer: Jennifer Lawrence.
1. Who is the current President of the Irish League of Credit Unions?
2. Kim Kardashian married which celebrity in 2014?
Answer: Kanye West
3. AA and AAA are types of which product used to power toys and
Answer: Batteries
4. In Frozen, which of the sisters’ hair colour changed?
Answer: Anna
5. Which Irish singer had hits with ‘Take me to Church’ and ‘From Eden’
Answer: Hozier
6. At 4,810 m and named after the French word for white, what is the
highest mountain in the Alps?
Answer: Mount Blanc
1. Who is the current captain of the Irish Rugby Team?
Answer: Johnny Sexton.
2. What is the next prime number after 5?
Answer: 7
3. Which planet in the Solar System has the least amount of letters in its
Answer: Mars
4. Which Scottish Loch, which is approx. 24 miles wide, is home to a
famous monster?
Answer: Loch Ness
5. World War II ended in which year? 1941, 1943 or
Answer: 1945
6. What Y is an Asian country south of Saudi Arabia? It has 5 letters.
Answer: Yemen
1. Complete the name of this Meghan Trainer song: ‘All _______ that Bass’.
Answer: About
2. Important dates on a calendar, e.g. Christmas Day or St. Patrick’s Day are
known as ‘Red _______’ days.
Answer: Letter
3. Do coconuts traditionally grow from a tree or in the ground?
Answer: Tree
4. Which Irish golfer won the 2019 British Open in golf?
Answer: Shane Lowry.
5. The Po and Tiber rivers are found in which European country?
Answer: Italy
6. Who composed the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy?
Answer: Tchaikovsky
1. NEWS stands for North, East, West and _______?
Answer: South
2. Complete the name of the flag of the United Kingdom – The Union
Answer: Jack
3. Which band released a cover of ‘Oh Cecilia’ ?
Answer: The Vamps
4. Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and Sean Connery have all played which
iconic role?
Answer: James Bond
5. In what year will the next Olympic Games be held?
Answer: 2024 in Paris
6. Name the twice world champion Formula One racing driver who has
been linked to singer Nicole Scherzinger?
Answer: Lewis Hamilton
1. What is the name of Brian O’Driscoll and Amy Huberman’s son, born in
Answer: Billy
2. Approx how many credit unions members are within the Island of
Ireland? Is it: (a) over 3 million (b) over 4 million (c) over 5 million
Answer: (a) over 3 million
3. What type of natural disaster struck San Francisco in 1906?
Answer: Earthquake
4. Oritse, JB, Marvin and Aston were collectively known as what?
Answer: JLS
5. Beginning with U, what word means a small guitar that originated in
Answer: Ukulele
6. Ulan Bator is the capital of which country that begins with M?


1. How many days are in January?
Answer: 31
2. Maris Piper, Home Guard and Rooster are all types of what?
Answer: Potato
3. What animal lives in a sett? A badger
4. Cob and Pen are the male and female of which large aquatic bird?
Answer: Swan
5. What tournament did Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons compete
in in The Goblet of Fire?
Answer: The Triwizard Tournament
6. What is the name of the successful circus company from Canada that
when translated means Circus of the Sun.
Answer: Cirque Du Soleil
1. What planet in the Solar System is the furthest from the sun (not
including Pluto)?
Answer: Neptune
2. What is the capital of Switzerland?
Answer: Bern
3. In what county would you find the town of Kingscourt?
Cavan or Waterford.
Answer: Cavan
4. In what county would you find the towns of Omagh and Cookstown?
Answer: Tyrone
5. Where will the 2023 Rugby World Cup be held .

Answer: France
6. What is the name given to the green pigment found in the leaves of
plants? Hint: The third syllable sounds like a first name!
Answer: Chlorophyll
1. In what country would you find The Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Answer: Italy
2. Which chess piece can only move diagonally?
Answer: Bishop
3. Which comic company published Iron Man, Spider man and The Hulk?
Answer: Marvel
4. Name the manager of Liverpool FC?
Answer: Jurgen Klopp
5. What colour heart are members of the U.S. army sometimes honoured
with for being wounded or killed in action?
Answer: Purple
6. In the Skulduggery Pleasant books, what is Valkyrie Cain’s real first
Answer: Stephanie (Edgley)
1. What is the square root of 169?
Answer: 13
2. Which Irish poet wrote ‘Midterm Break’?
Answer: Seamus Heaney
3. What astronaut died on 25th August 2012?
Answer: Neil Armstrong
4. What 6 letter word beginning with S describes a device that uses air
pressure to force liquid upwards? It is usually in an inverted U shape.
Answer: A siphon
5. Which businessman founded Virgin airways and Virgin records?
Answer: Richard Branson
6. Beginning with D, what is the closest part of the UK to France? There is
also a song about the White Cliffs found there.
Answer: Dover
1. Which tree has varieties called ‘Weeping’ and ‘Pussy’?
Answer: Willow.
2. What type of rock forms as a result of magma or lava cooling down? The
answer begins with I and has 7 letters.
Answer: Igneous
3. What is the name of the oath taken by doctors to ensure they always try
their hardest to save their patient? It is named after a Greek doctor and
may remind you of an animal you would see in the zoo.
Answer: Hippocratic oath
4. What is the name given to the sport where a horse and rider are
expected to perform a series of moves such as trots and moving
backwards? It is sometimes described as horse ballet.
Answer: Dressage
5. Which actor plays Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit movies? He also plays
the character Dr. Watson in Sherlock.
Answer: Martin Freeman
6. What is the name given to the shallow water around Ireland’s coast? The
Continental ______________.
Answer: Shelf
1. In what film, which is also a musical, did John Travolta play Danny
Answer: Grease
2. Name ALL THREE sports that make up a triathlon?
Answer: Running, Cycling and Swimming
3. St. Paul’s Cathedral was designed by which British architect? He shares
his surname with a small bird.
Answer: (Christopher) Wren
4. Which notorious prison stands on a rock in San Francisco Bay?
Answer: Alcatraz
5. What kind of creature was Gimli in The Lord of the Rings?
Answer: Dwarf
6. What is Victoria Beckham’s maiden name?
Answer: Adams
1. Queen Lillian and King Harold are the parents of which princess?
Answer: Fíona (Shrek)
2. Penn State University beat which American college football team in
Croke Park in September of 2014? University of ______________
Answer: Central Florida (accept Florida)
3. In the Harry Potter series, what do Hermione’s parents both do for a
Answer: Dentists
4. In Bingo calls, the number 9 is referred to as Doctors’________?
Answer: Orders
5. Beginning with C, what was the name of the first rescue ship that picked
up survivors after the Titanic sank?
Answer: Carpathia
6. In what year was the Battle of Clontarf? (nearest wins)
Answer: 1014

  1. How many days are there in a fortnight?  14
  2. Who replaced Barack Obama as the President of the United States ? Donald Trump
  3. According to tradition, counting what farm animal is said to help you sleep?   Sheep
  4. What insect shares its name with a popular spelling competition currently being sponsored by Eason? (Spelling) ?  Bee 
  5. In what county of Ireland would you find the Cliffs of Moher?   Co. Clare 
  6. What is the capital city of Norway?   Oslo

Round Two

  1. CR7 is the abbreviation/brand name of which famous footballer?               Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. What “D” would you visit if you had a toothache?              Dentist                                        3
  3. Complete the title of this West End Stage Play, set after the Harry Potter books: Harry Potter and the Cursed ____.?   Child
  4. Name the female boxer from Bray who fought her first professional fight in November against Poland’s Karina Kopinska.   Katie Taylor
  5. What colour is associated with the Friday after Thanksgiving where retailers worldwide have massive sales?   Black
  6. Muy Bien means Very Good in what language?    Spanish

Round Three

  1. What is the fraction 6/8 in its simplest form?          ¾
  2. Shout Out To My Ex was a hit for which girl band in 2016?       Little Mix
  3. Which sports organisation was founded in Thurles in 1884?    G.A.A.
  4. In what county would you find Vinegar Hill and Tuskar Rock?
  5. What “B” refers to Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union? 
  6. What “C” means both a friendly way to greet someone, or a drink made from concentrated fruit juice mixed with water?  Cordial

Round Four

1.What is the first name of both former, female Presidents of Ireland?   Mary

2. What is the name given to the green dip/paste made predominantly of basil, pine nuts and olive oil? Pesto 

3. How many players are there on a baseball team during a game?   9

4. Solange is the first name of the younger sister of which American singer?         Beyoncé  


  1. Complete the title of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book: Cabin _____?.   Fever
  2. C (Chief) is traditionally the head of which UK government agency? MI5 or MI6?            MI6

Round Five

  1. Name the crescent shaped flaky roll traditionally eaten for breakfast in France.    Croissant
  2. Based on the story by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl, which Disney film has a flying elephant as the main character? Dumbo
  3.  The word VEEP is slang for which political office (mainly in the USA)?     Vice President
  4. A seismometer measures the intensity of which natural disaster        Earthquakes
  5. What is the square root of 169?   13
  6. In which country would you find the city of Aleppo?      Syria 

Round Six?

  1. 50/50 and phone a friend are options on which famous game show?  Who wants to be a Millionaire?

2.  Since 1962, the WBA has been an international organisation for which sport?       Boxing

3. What is the mathematical term for half the diameter of a circle?      Radius  

4. What species of animal is Beatrix Potter’s character Samuel Whiskers?    Rat

5. Name the second longest river in China that shares its name with a primary colour.    Yellow

6. How many people appear on the Credit Union logo? 4

  1. In the traditional puppet show, who is Mr. Punch’s wife?  Judy  
  2. The River Nile flows into what sea?   The Mediterranean
  3. Name the singer who has released All of Me and Love me Now.      john Legend
  4.  Cinq is French for what number?           5 
  5. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which of the dwarfs wore glasses?              Doc
  6. Who is the USA Vice President? Mike Pence
  7. Which female pharaoh had a son with Julius Caesar? Cleopatra
  8. What is the currency of Egypt?          Egyptian Pound
  9. In the traditional puppet show, who is Mr. Punch’s wife?          Judy 
  10. The River Nile flows into what sea?          The Mediterranean
  11. The Web Summit took place in which Portuguese city in 2016?
  12. Born in Venice, complete the name of the famous Italian explorer who spent many years in China – Marco ___?       Polo
  13. John Logie Baird is credited with the invention of the television. What nationality was he?   Scottish
  14. How many points do you get for hitting the inner bullseye in darts? 50
  15. Name the hosts of the popular reality TV programme I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here (Need both first names).
  16. Which Spanish woman was King Henry VIII’s first wife?     Catherine of Aragon
  17.  Which leaping insect shares its name with a sport played with wickets?  Cricket
  18.  According to Irish legend which Pirate Queen’s home is said to be still visible in Co. Mayo?    Grace O’ Malley
  19.  Name the geological phenomenon which results in a cavity appearing in the ground, especially in limestone areas. They are largely caused by water erosion. Hint: Answer has 8 letters.            Sinkhole 
  20. What is the name of the soft feathers found on a bird under the tougher exterior feathers? They are commonly found in duvets and pillows. ANSWER: Down
  21. Known as Bellis in Latin, name the common garden flower which is traditionally used to make chains.             Daisy
  22. What animal lives in a home called a drey?        Squirrel
  23. What “H” is the acid produced in the human stomach to help break down food?        Hydrochloric Acid
  24. What is the name for the group of people from Nepal who are famed for helping mountaineers climb Mt. Everest.                  Sherpas
  25. What M refers to the shellfish e.g. cockles, mussels & oysters that stick to rocks to prevent being carried out to sea by the tide.       Molluscs
  26. The Spirit of Saint Louis was the custom built plane flown by which pilot when he flew solo across The Atlantic on May 20th 1927?:   Charles Lindbergh
  27. What species of bear is commonly found in The Arctic Circle?   Polar
  28. World War 1 Armistice Day came into effect on which date in November 1918?    11th
  29. What mode of transport is The Flying Scotsman?   Train (Passenger Train that has operated between London and Edinburgh since the 1800s)
  30. What R is a room used for communal meals in a religious or educational institution?              Refectory 
  31. Tahini is a paste or condiment made from which seeds?                 Sesame
  32. Name the pirate whose 40 cannon ship was called Queen Anne’s Revenge.        Blackbeard (Edward Teach)
  33. The Jurassic World Coast heritage site stretches between Devon and which other county?       Dorset
  34. In what city was Martin Luther King shot in 1968?         Memphis
  35. If you graduated from university with a B.A., what does the A stand for?    Arts (Bachelor of Arts)

36. Gridiron is the term used to describe the playing field of which American sport?      American Football

37. Which swimming stroke shares its name with a winged insect?       Butterfly

38. With which Asian meditative practice would you associate the words Lotus and Warrior?      Yoga

     39. In what year in the 1800s was the inventor of the Model-T Henry Ford born?         1863 (nearest wins)

40.  Evan Thomas Spiegel is the co-founder and CEO of which mobile app?       Snapchat                              

41. Madeira is a fortified wine from which country?    Portugal 

42. The Canadian Province of British Colombia has a coastline on which ocean? The Pacific Ocean

43.  Which European capital city is located on the Rivers Spree and Havel? : Berlin 

44.  Russian Tycoon, Roman Abramovich, is the owner of which British Football Club in 2013?       Chelsea FC

Round One

1. Which of the following cars does not belong to the Toyota range: Corolla, Celica, Avensis or Passat?

2. Moscow is the capital of what country? Russia

3. How many letters are in the word Mediterranean? 13

4. Dinosaur’s bones are wrapped in (a) tinfoil (b) Clingfilm or (c) plaster before they are removed from excavation sites?

Answer: © Plaster

5. Can you name the road travelled by merchants and traders in the 1600’s to bring silk and other precious goods from China to Europe?

Answer: The Silk Road

6. In your blood, platelets make your blood clot and white cells fight infection. What do red cells carry around the body?

Answer: Oxygen

Round Two


1. The Didgeridoo: a long, hollow, wooden pipe originated from what country?

Answer: Australia
2. Name the cartoon character that ate spinach to become stronger.

Answer: Popeye

3. How many years has the Credit Union Schools Quiz been running?

Answer: 28 (up to 2019)
4. What is the alphabet system for blind people called?

Answer: The Braille Alphabet

5. What is the largest U.S. State?

Answer: Alaska

6. Measuring 979m in depth and found in Venezuela, what
is the world’s highest waterfall called?

Answer: Angel Falls

Round Three


1. Is it possible for any two people to have the same fingerprints? Yes or No.

Answer: No

2. What is the term used to describe a volcano that has not erupted for a long time? (a) Sleepy (b) dormant (c) unconscious.

Answer: (b) dormant


3. True/False: A credit union is a financial co-operative, owned and managed by its members, for its members.

Answer: True
4 . How long does it take the earth to travel all the way around the sun?

Answer: 365 or 365 ¼ Days

5. Where would you find the Wailing Wall?

Answer: Jerusalem
6. A special Lantern Festival marks the end of the New Year season in what country?

Answer: China

Round Four

1. What force of nature is measured on the Richter Scale?

Answer: Earthquakes
2. The Great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt has a man’s head and the body of (a) A lion (b) A dog (c) A Horse

Answer: (A) A lion


3. Name the small fertile area where one can find water and plants in a desert.

Answer: An Oasis
4. What part of a plant/tree is said to act as an anchor keeping it in the ground?

Answer: Roots


5. What was the first living thing to travel into space?

Answer: A dog (Called Laika)
6. What name is used to describe when all the continents of the world were joined together 200 million years ago?

Answer: Pangaea

Round Five

1. What is the fleshy, spiny plant that can store water and can survive easily in desert regions called?

Answer: Cactus
2. A large chunk of floating ice struck the Titanic on its maiden voyage. What do we call these chunks of ice?

Answer: Icebergs

3. Name the team who won the F.A. Cup Final?.

4. What are the horns of a stag (a male deer) called?

Answer: Antlers


5. How many time zones is the earth divided into?

Answer: Twenty Four (24)

Round Six

1. What country beginning with I in Southern Europe is shaped like a boot?

Answer: Italy
2. A sundial, shadow clock and candle clock are all used to tell what?

Answer: Time


3. What is 12 ½ % as a fraction?

Answer: 1/8 One Eighth
4.Which German city was divided by a wall from 1961 until it was torn down in 1989?

Answer: Berlin


5.What species of trees generally have no branches and produce nourishing fruits such as dates and coconuts?

Answer: Palm Trees
6.Who was elected the first ever female President of Ireland in 1990?

Answer: Mary Robinson

Round Seven


1. What is the name given to a magical white horse with a single horn in the centre of its head?

Answer: Unicorn
2. What do you count on a felled tree to tell its age?

Answer: The Rings


3. The penny Farthing which appeared in 1870 was an early form of what mode of transport?

Answer: Bicycle

4. What is the name given to fine-grained sand that when wet will not support any weight and is dangerous for people and animals?

Answer: Quicksand


5. Paul Allen founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975 with which well known American millionaire?

Answer: Bill Gates
6. Who was the first person to ascend Mount Everest in May 1953?

Answer: Sir Edmund Hillary

Round Eight

1. Anacondas and cobras are both types of what?

Answer: Snakes
2. How many legs has a spider?

Answer: Eight (8)

3.The Americans have a season called Fall. What is it called in Ireland?

Answer: Autumn
4.How many stumps in total are there in a cricket game?

Answer: Six (6)

5.Who wrote the books titled: ‘The Babysitter’s Club?’

Answer: Ann M. Martin
6. What does a marsupial carry it’s young in?

Answer: A Pouch

Round Nine


1. True or False: Nora Herlihy was she the founder of the credit union movement in Ireland.

Answer: (True)
2. What colour was the brick road in the film ‘The Wizard of Oz?’

Answer: Yellow

3 .A Cd that costs ten euro/ stg £10 has 20% off. What is the sale price of the cd?

Answer: Eight Euro or stg£8
4.In the Bible, Daniel was thrown into a den with what type of animals?

Answer: Lions


5.What type of bomb was dropped over Hiroshima on August 6th 1945?

Answer: The Atomic Bomb

6. What is the longest and narrowest country in South America?

Answer: Chile

Round Ten


1. What is the name given to a cycle with only one wheel, commonly used in circus acts?

Answer: Unicycle
2.What Cork man started his career with Nottingham Forest before joining and captaining Manchester United and later played for Celtic?

Answer: Roy Keane

3. A silver jubilee marks how many years married?

Answer: 25 years
4. Which is the larger of these two types of fish: a minnow or a pike?

Answer: Pike


5. Who is the lead singer of U2?

Answer: Bono (his real name is Paul Hewson)

6. About how many breaths a day do we take on average: is it 2,300, 23,000 or 230,000?

Answer: 23,000

Round Eleven


1. What country won the 2016 FIFA Soccer World Cup final?


2. Identify the singer who has had massive hits with songs called: Dirty, Beautiful and Fighter.

Answer: Christina Aguelira


3. What is a period of 100 years called?

Answer: A century

4. Which of the following planets has rings around it: Earth, Mars or Saturn?

Answer: Saturn

5. The Eucalyptus Tree’s leaves are a predominant source of food for what animal?

Answer: Koala Bear

6. Red, orange, green, blue, violet and indigo are six of the seven colours of the rainbow. What is the seventh?

Answer: Yellow

Round Twelve


1. What common vegetable is said to make us cry when we peel it?

Answer: Onion
2. Calculate 52 multiplied by 10 subtract 25. (52*10) – 25?

Answer: 495

3. Who was the British Prime minister during World War 2, from 1940 – 1945?

Answer: Winston Churchill
4. Would you associate James Watt with inventing the television, steam engine or telephone?

Answer: Steam Engine


5. Spell Pneumonia, meaning an illness of the lungs.

Answer: Pneumonia

6. What country is the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ the national anthem of?

Answer: U.S.A. – United States of America

Tie Breaker One
Use Three Only
1. Name the only racecourse in Kilkenny.

Answer: Gowran Park
2. In Geography, Manila is the capital of what country?

Answer: The Philippines
3. According to legend, what happened to someone who looked at Medusa?

Answer: They turned to stone
4. Who is the manager of English club, Tottenham Hotspurs?

Answer: Jose Mourinho
3. A person runs 26 miles in a marathon, but how many yards do they run as well as the 26 miles? Nearest wins.

Answer: 385 yards

6. What country won the very first soccer world cup?

Answer: Uruguay (1930)

Tie Breakers Two
Use Three Only

1. In which American State is Fort Knox?

Answer: Kentucky

2. What was the currency of Italy before the Euro?

Answer: The Lira
3. Moscow is the capital city of Russia. Upon what river does it stand?

Answer: River Moskva
4. What nationality was Marie Curie?

Answer: Polish
5. Which literary person left in his will to his wife his furniture and second best bed?

Answer: William Shakespeare

Round One
1. Which of the following is not made by Seat cars: Toledo, Ibiza, Inca or Punto?
Answer: Punto

2. How many degrees are in a right angle?
Answer: Ninety Degrees (90°)

3. Who is the President of the Irish League of Credit Unions?

4. In the fairytale who was Hansel’s sister?
Answer: Gretel

5. Who is the author of ‘The Da Vinci Code?’
Answer: Dan Browne

6 A Stetson is what type of clothing?
Answer: A Hat
Round Two

1. Which one of the following creatures has legs: snail, earthworm, woodlouse or slug?
Answer: Woodlouse

2. What unit do you use to measure the volume of liquids: kilograms, litres or kilometres?
Answer: Litres

3. Complete the name of this group? Take ???
Answer: That (“Take That” )

4. Snowy and Tawny are types of which bird?
Answer: Owl

5. How many players are on a cricket team?
Answer: Eleven (11)

6. Was Anne Boleyn Henry the Eights 1st, 2nd or 5th wife?
Answer: Second (2nd)

Round Three

1. Calculate thirty one multiplied by 3 take away 3:
(31*3) -3.
Answer: Ninety (90)

2. What punctuation mark do you put at the end of a sentence?
Answer: Full Stop

3. What cereal crop grows under water in a paddy field?
Answer: Rice

4. In what direction does the sun rise?
Answer: The east

5. What is the capital city of Iran?
Answer: Tehran

6. What is a ship’s chimney called?
Answer: A funnel

Round Four

1. How many days are there in 5 full weeks?
Answer: Thirty Five (35)

2. If you suffered from arachnophobia, what would you be afraid of?
Answer: Spiders

3. In baseball, what is it called when the batter swings and misses?
Answer: A strike

4. If someone in Germany used the term Auf Wiedersehen would they mean: the bus is late, goodbye or turn on the light?
Answer: Goodbye

5. In what American city was the American Declaration of Independence signed?
Answer: Philadelphia

6. Turn the word ‘laid’ into something you do with a phone?
Answer: Dial

Round Five
1. Who fell down the hill first, Jack or Jill?
Answer: Jack

2. What colour do you associate with a harmless lie?
Answer: White (little white lie)

3. How many lines are there in a Limerick?
Answer: Five (5)

4. How many dots are there in total on a dice?
Answer: Twenty one (21)

5. What are Bushmaster, Green Mamba and Black Mamba?
Answer: Poisonous Snakes

6. Which famous French town is located in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains and is a source of pilgrimage for people all over the world?
Answer: Lourdes

Round Six

1. What shape is a hula hoop?
Answer: Circular/ Circle

2. What do you call the hot liquid rock that flows out of a volcano?
Answer: Lava

3.To whom did Queen Isabella give 3 ships in the 15th Century?
Answer: Christopher Columbas.

4. Who was held by the heel and dipped by his mother in the River Styx?
Answer: Achilles

5. George Bush, the President of America is a member of what political party?
Answer: Republican Party

6. Which Asian country used to be known as Siam?
Answer: Thailand

Round Seven

1. How many holes are played in a regular game of golf?
Answer: 18

2. How many world wars were there in the twentieth century?
Answer: 2

3. What important Irish battle was fought on a Good Friday?
Answer: Battle of Clontarf

4. The River Rhone flows into what sea?
Answer: The Mediterranean Sea

5. What do you call a baby rabbit?
Answer: A Kitten (or kit)

6. Name the country which joined the E.C. on January 1st 1973 with Ireland and Britain?
Answer: Denmark

Round Eight

1. What vegetable are crisps made from?
Answer: Potatoes

2. With what vessel would you associate with a crow’s nest?
Answer: A ship

3. Which flower do Welsh people wear to celebrate St. David’s Day?
Answer: Daffodil

4. The Foxtrot is a type of what: game, dance or car?
Answer: Dance

5. How many years has the Credit Union Schools Quiz been

6. Tchaikovsky wrote famous ballets such as ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ What nationality was Tchaikovsky?
Answer: Russian

Round Nine

1. Is judo a type of an animal, bird or sport?
Answer: Sport

2. What is the feminine/female version of the word brother?
Answer: Sister

3. What do we call our first set of teeth?
Answer: Milk Teeth

4. What do you call the person who sits on a horse during a race?

Answer: Jockey

5. Who wrote the book ‘Black Beauty?’
Answer: Anna Sewell

6. Name the little people who welcomed Dorothy to the city of Oz.
Answer: Munchkins

Round Ten

1. How long did Sleeping Beauty sleep?
Answer: 100 years

2. What is the great bell in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster called?
Answer: Big Ben

3. Where are the headquarters of the U.N.?
Answer: New York

4. The cerebellum is a part of which vital body organ?
Answer: Brain

5. How many keys are there on a piano?
Answer: 88

6. Which Scottish writer wrote such classics as: ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Kidnapped?’
Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson

Round Eleven
1. Who won the All-Ireland hurling final in 20….

2. How many men had the Grand Old Duke of York?
Answer: 10,000

3. What pole was Roald Amundsen the first man to reach?
Answer: South Pole

4. Whose Showgirl Homecoming Tour is currently on tour?
Answer: Kylie Minogue

5. Who designed the huge iron tower which is a huge tourist attraction in the centre of Paris?
Answer: Gustave Eiffel

6. At room temperature, is chlorine a solid, a liquid or a gas?
Answer: Gas

Round Twelve
1. What is the name of the winged horse in Greek Mythology?
Answer: Pegasus

2. What rodents followed the Pied piper out of the town of Hamelin?
Answer: Rats

3. What is the name given to a lake or tower where water is stored for human use and consumption?
Answer: Reservoir

4. Name the part of the atmosphere which filters out the sun’s harmful rays but which is being worn away by human use of chemicals?
Answer: Ozone layer

5. Which of the following has a tail: star, comet or a rainbow?
Answer: A comet

6. In what country would you find the Taj Mahal?
Answer: India

Tie Break One
Use Three Only

1. What is traditionally given as a gift for the 15th wedding anniversary?
Answer: Crystal

2. What is a boomslang?
Answer: A snake

3. Name the longest river in Italy.
Answer: The Po

4. Which bear with a bandage over his eye is the mascot of the Children in Need charity appeal?
Answer: Pudsey Bear

5. What is Buzz Lightyear’s famous catch phrase?
Answer: To infinity and beyond

6. What actor played the voice of Rocky the Rooster in the hit film ‘Chicken Run?’
Answer: Mel Gibson
Tie Breaker Two
Use Three Only

1. In history, how long did the Hundred Years War actually last? Nearest wins.
Answer: 116 years

2. Dendrochronology means finding out the age of what?
Answer: Trees

3. What does a Philatelist collect?
Answer: Stamps

4. How many squares are on a chess board?
Answer: 64

5. Which American city is known as the Windy City?
Answer: Chicago

6. What is the name given to our Galaxy?
Answer: The Milky Way

Round One
1. If Jonathan leaves for school at 8.30 am and arrives at 9.05 am, how long in minutes did his journey take?
35 minutes
2. The feast day of the first Christian martyr is on Dec. 26th . Who was the first Christian martyr? Saint Stephen
3. On what side of your body/chest is your heart located?
Answer: Left
4. What was the Straw Man looking for in ‘The Wizard of Oz?’
A Brain
5. If you belonged to the Inuit Tribe, what region of the world would you live in? Arctic Regions
6. A Minotaur (half man and half bull) was confined to live in what under the palace of Minos, King of Crete? Maze
Round Two
1. If a person bleeds, what colour is the blood? Red
2. Finish the following: bark is to dog as moo is to _____?Cow
3. Is the diaphragm muscle located under the lungs or the heart? The Lungs
4. Molars, premolars, canine and incisors are all types of what?
5. Who is the author of ‘The Ugly Duckling?’Hans Christian Anderson
6. Spell ‘encyclopaedia ‘– meaning a book or books of general knowledge. Encyclopaedia
Round Three
1. Is jazz a type of food, music, game or music? Music
2. Right Angled, Equilateral, isosceles and scalene are all types of what shape? Triangles
3. What kind of animal is a Pingu? Penguin
4. In what type of building would you find a pew and pulpit? A Church

5. At what age did Queen Elizabeth 1 come to the throne of England: 15, 25 or 35? 25 years
6. Bamboo is practically the only food of what endangered animal? Panda
Round Four

1. How many centimetres are there in 1.42 metres? 142cm
2. If today is Friday, what was the day before yesterday? Wednesday
3. What make of Volkswagon car was Herbie in the film series? Beetle
4. What substance is added to bread dough to make it rise? yeast

5. Who is the President of the Irish League of Credit Unions?
6. What island was called Van Diemen’s Land until 1885? Tasmania
Round Five
1. Which of these words would appear first in the dictionary: dairy or diary? Dairy
2. In which country are Auckland and Wellington? New Zealand
3. What do Geologists study? Rocks
4. What is a young swan called? Cygnet
5. What would you receive via ‘The Pony Express’ in America years ago? Mail/Letters
6. One way to tell the difference between Indian and African elephants is to compare the size of their ears. Which one has the larger ears? African elephant
Round Six
1. Who are  the reigning World Cup Soccer Cup champions?
2. What is the ninth 9th letter of the alphabet? I
3. Who sings higher: a soprano or a baritone? A soprano
4. What item of clothing is a bowler? Hat
5. Under what name did Samuel L. Clements write stories?
Answer: Mark Twain
6. What was the name of King Arthur’s wife? Answer: Guinevere
Round Seven
1. How many aces are there in a full deck of cards? Four (4)
2. How many strings has the musical instrument violin? Four
3. What kind of plants do grapes grow on? Vines
4. Light bends when it passes through water, true or false?
Answer: True
5. Name the largest lake in England. Lake Windermere
6. In the rhyme how many blackbirds were baked in a pie?
Four and twenty (24)

Round Eight
1. The statue of Zeus can be found in what country? Greece
2. A vegetarian eats meat, true or false? False
3. Name the game played outside with broomsticks that you would associate with Harry Potter. Quiddich
4. Credit unions are in the 32 counties of Ireland? True or False: True
5. Who made the first American Flag? Betsy Ross
6. In a musical scale, what note follows do, re, mi? Fa

Round Nine
1. Name the girl who had adventures in Wonderland? Alice
2. What word completes this saying: as busy as a ___? Bee
3. Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
4. What is hidden during a solar eclipse for a short space of time? The Sun

5. In what country would you find Snowdonia? Wales
6. What is the name of the liquid which is also a metal and is found in thermometers? Mercury
Round Ten
1. Towering 305 feet high over Liberty Island off New York Harbour, what is the name of the famous statue? Statue of Liberty
2. Pick the odd one out: start, beginning, middle or origin. Answer: Middle
3. In bowling, what is the total number of pins set up on the alley before you bowl? Ten (10)
4. Ray Darcy, Tony Fenton, Ruth Scott and Ian Dempsey are all DJs. What do the letters DJ stand for? Disc Jockey
5. What type of dog is bred to pull sleighs in snowy regions?
Answer: Husky
6. In what sport would you receive the Davis Cup? Tennis

Round Eleven
1. Would you hear a lion squeak, croak, roar or bray?Roar
2. Which tree shares its name with a substance, which is left after something has been burned?Ash
3. If a player shouts ‘check’ in chess, what piece is under threat? The King
4. What colour flag is used for surrender or truce in battle?
5. What would you keep in a scabbard? A sword
6. What is the collective name for a group of stairs? Flight

Round Twelve
1. Which is longer, a spear or a dagger? Spear
2. What fictional English spy uses the code name 007? James Bond
3. Name the group of superheroes Wolverine joined? The X Men
4. What do you call someone who fits glass into windows? a glazier
5. What is the name given to the layer of fat used by seals and whales to keep in body heat and which they were hunted for? Blubber
6. Where would you have to travel to find the Sea of Tranquillity? The Moon
Tie Breaker One

Use Three Only
1. Which girl’s name is an Aboriginal word for ‘boomerang?’
Answer: Kylie
2. Which of the following is not a French Cheese: Camembert, Emmental, Brie or Roquefort? Emmental
3. What is the medical term for the part of the body known as the windpipe? Trachea
4. What was the first name of Ferrari, the Italian racing car designer? Enzo
5. Which type of animal lives in an ‘eyrie?’Eagle
6. Which landmark in Paris is the grave of France’s ‘Unknown Soldier?’ Arc de Triomphe
Tie Breaker Two
Use Three Only
1. What does a taxidermist do? Stuffs animals
2. On which scale is the severity of an earthquake measured?
Answer: Richter Scale
3. What is the gambling slang for $500 of £500? A monkey
4. Philip Strauss invented what successful item for cars in 1911?Answer: Air Filled Tyres
5. The Boston Tea Party occurred in what year between 1765 and 1775? Nearest wins? Answer: 1773
6. What was the name of Frodo Baggin’s uncle in the book ‘The Lord of the Rings?’ Answer: Bilbo Baggins

Round One

1). Name the cartoon character that is associated with the phrase ‘What’s up Doc?’

Answer: Bugs Bunny
2) In what country were the first Olympic Games held?

Answer: Greece

3) Are you likely to be taller in the morning or evening?

Answer: Morning

4) Does your heart beat faster or slower immediately after and during exercise?

Answer: Faster

5) Which French heroine heard ‘voices of angels’ and was later burned at the stake?

Answer: Joan of Arc
6) Which of the following two jets can take off vertically, a Harrier or an F-16?

Answer: Harrier Jet

Round Two


1. What did the ancient Romans call Ireland?

Answer: Hibernia
2. Name the Northern Ireland landmark which is made up of hexagonal basalt columns in County Antrim?

Answer: The Giant’s Causeway


3. Name the wild Australian dog?

Answer: The Dingo
4. Where is the Great Wall?

Answer: China

5. In the Book of Genesis, on which day did God create light?

Answer: On the first day
6. What is the capital city of Kenya?

Answer: Nairobi

Round Three


1. Inside what did ancient Greek soldiers hide to gain access to the city of Troy?

Answer: A wooden horse
2. Who is the President of the Irish League of Credit Unions?



3. What name was given to the soldiers/fighters who entertained Romans by fighting in the arena known as the Colosseum in Ancient Rome?

Answer: Gladiators

4. Two of the ships used by Christopher Columbus to sail around the world were the Nina and the Pinta. Name the third?

Answer: Santa Maria


5. Name the museum you would visit if you went to see the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci.

Answer: The Louvre Museum (Paris)

6. Complete the name of the U.S. rock band ‘Red, Hot,
Chilli ……. ‘ what?

Answer: Peppers

Round Four

1. Name the biggest Passage Grave in Ireland which is situated in the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath.

Answer: Newgrange
2. What are the traditional temporary houses built by Eskimos called?

Answer: An Igloo

3. What type of creature is a ‘Flying Fox’?

Answer: A Bat
4. Who was given an elegant coat of colours by his father Jacob?

Answer: Joseph


5. Although he did not want to do it, who did King Darius put in
the lion’s den?

Answer: Daniel
6. What does the B.B.C. stand for in television terms?

Answer: British Broadcasting Corporation
Round Five

1. The Koala bear is a native of what country located in
the southern hemisphere?

Answer: Australia
2. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Answer: Michelangelo

3. On what river is Belfast built?

Answer: River Lagan

4. What is the name given to a cat with no tail commonly found on the Isle of Man?

Answer: Manx Cat

5 What is the capital city of Australia?

Answer: Canberra

6. In the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” who played the part of Captain Jack Sparrow?

Answer: Johnny Depp

Round Six

1. Madrid is the capital city of what country?

Answer: Spain
2. Which of the following cars is not a type of Volkswagen car: Jetta, Golf, Corolla or Passat?

Answer: Corolla

3. What petrol company uses a tiger as a trademark?

Answer: Esso
4. Who led the Merry Men and lived in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham?

Answer: Robin Hood

5. What is the popular name for the Crane Fly?

Answer: Daddy Long Legs

6. What drink, made from honey was popular with the Celts?

Answer: Mead

Round Seven

1. How many counties are in the Province of Ulster?

Answer: Nine (Fermanagh, Antrim, Tyrone, Donegal, Armagh, Derry, Cavan, Monaghan, Down)

2. What ancient people, famous for their pyramids treated domestic cats like Gods?

Answer: Egyptians

3. Sometimes a clown in a circus is called a ‘Joey.’ A Joey is the young of what animal?

Answer: Kangaroo

4. What would a dowser or diviner use a Y-shaped hazel or willow rod to look for?

Answer: Water

5. At what part of a river would you find a Delta, the source or mouth?

Answer: Mouth

6. Kilkenny City is built on what river?

Answer: River Nore
Round Eight


1. What word meaning quick is also a word for when people eat less then usual or nothing for a period of time?

Answer: Fast

2. Shrove Tuesday is another name for what day which occurs before the beginning of Lent?

Answer: Pancake Tuesday


3. Sumo Wrestling is the national sport of what country?

Answer: Japan

4. What nation has on average twenty (20) times more sheep than people and was one of the main locations for the film Lord of The Rings?

Answer: New Zealand


5. Oxford and Cambridge are two famous cities in England. Which one of them is located on the River Thames?

Answer: Oxford (Cambridge is on the River Cam)

6. On what continent would you find the following tribes: Tuareg, Ashanti and Mosai?

Answer: Africa

Round Nine

1. What famous rock located in central Australia is a major tourist attraction and also changes colour at sunset?

Answer: Ayers Rock
2. Who won the most recent UK X Factor final?

Answer: Leona


3. At the end of each stage of a race in the Tour de France, what colour jersey is awarded to the leader?

Answer: Yellow
4. What city within a city is the smallest independent state in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

5. Can you name the Italian city built on a large group of small islands and waterways?

Answer: Venice

6. Name the canal which links the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

Answer: Suez Canal
Round Ten

1. Is New York City located on the west or east coast of the U.S.A.?

Answer: East Coast

2. What river starts high in the Andes Mountains in Peru flows though Brazil into the Atlantic Ocean and is the second longest river in the world?

Answer: Amazon River


3. Measuring 350km in length and 2km in depth approximately, what is the largest gorge/valley in the world found in North America?

Answer: The Grand Canyon

4. Which of the following countries has more than 3,900 islands: Ireland, France, Japan or Luxembourg?

Answer: Japan


5. If you were in a race for the America’s Cup, what type of race would you be in?

Answer: Yacht Race

6. The shamrock is to Ireland as ______ is to Wales?

Answer: Leek

Round Eleven

1. The Aborigines are the native people of what country?

Answer: Australia

2. Triceratops and tyrannosaurus are both types of what?

Answer: Dinosaur


3. What animal is known as ‘the ship of the desert?’

Answer: Camel
4. Can you name the city founded by the twins Romulus and Remus?

Answer: Rome
5. A marionette is a type of what?

Answer: A String Puppet
6. The Credit Union movement is divided into Chapters. How many Chapters are there in Ireland?

Answer: 25
Round Twelve

1. The whale shark is the biggest fish in the sea but can you tell me what the largest sea creature is?

Answer: Blue whale
2 Books were first made by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago. What was the name of the paper they used?

Answer: Papyrus


3. Aqueducts bought what from the hills to Roman Cities?

Answer: Water
4. What city beginning with P, was buried when Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted in AD 79?

Answer: Pompeii


5. Pick the odd one out: Soprano Saxophone, The Cornet or the French horn.

Answer: Soprano saxophone (wind instrument) Cornet & French horn (Brass Instrument?
6. What is the largest island in the world?

Answer: Greenland

Tie Break One
Use Three Only

1. What sort of creature are a cardinal and a cassowary?

Answer: A Bird

2. Name the secondary school which has educated both Prince Harry and Prince William.

Answer: Eton College

3. The Scout Movement was founded by whom?

Answer: Robert Baden-Powell

4. Is a chinchilla a kind of dog, goat, rodent or opossum?

Answer: Rodent

5. In Geography, Miami and Miami Beach are in which American State?

Answer: Florida

6. Grapefruit, lime, lemon, kiwi and orange are all types of fruit. Which one is not a citrus fruit?

Answer: Kiwi Fruit

Tie Beaker Two
Use Three Only

1. Who is the patron saint of Scotland?

Answer: Saint Andrew
2. How many straight edges are there on a triangular prism?

Answer: Nine (9)
3. What is the national sport of Canada?

Answer: Ice Hockey
4. When does a ship fly the Blue Peter Flag?

Answer: When leaving port to sail
5. The Statue of Liberty was given by France to the United States in what year between 1870 and 1890? Nearest wins.

Answer: 1884
6. For a long time there was controversy whether Robert Edwin Peary or Dr. Frederick Cook had reached the North Pole first. Which one did on April 6th 1909?

Answer: Robert Edwin Peary

Credit Union Quiz Questions January 2016
Round 1
1. Name the singer who released the album ‘25’ in 2015.

2. Which nursery rhyme character was a merry old soul who called for his fiddlers three?

Old King Cole

3. Which word in an abbreviation for the Internet and something a fisherman might use to retrieve a

4. What is the capital of Croatia?

5. What name is given to a mass of ice that travels slowly overland?

6. What low ph rain carries acid that can damage the environment?

Round 2 
1. How many people appear on the credit union logo?

2. For what does the letter B stand in European Central ______ (ECB)?

3. What word beginning with C is thrown over a bride and groom at a wedding?

4. Where does a scorpion have its sting?

In its tail
5. Who played Mr. Bean?

Rowan Atkinson
6. In which sport is the Davis Cup awarded?


Round 3
1. What animal lives in a sett?

A badger
2. Name episode 5 of Star Wars. Round 3:

The Empire Strikes Back

3. Name Prince William’s and Kate’s first baby

4. Name the actor who gives his voice to Po in Kung Fu Panda.

Jack Black
5. What storm (Abigail, Barney, Clodagh) began with the letter D?

Desmond (2016)
6. Who is President of Russia?

Vladimar Putin
Round 4
1. Who won the 2019 rugby world cup? South Africa
2. Unscramble the letters to form a seaside bird LLAESUG- Seagull
3. What European capital has Trafalgar Square? London
4. Which William shot an apple off his son’s head? William Tell
5. Only two countries in the world include the letter X in their spelling. Name one of them.
6. Which bone is higher in your body: Clavicle or fibula? Clavicle
Round 5
1. In the 12 days of Christmas, how many French hens were there? 3
2. In which Roald Dahl book do the Oompa Loompas first appear? Charlie and Chocolate factory
3. Name the new X factor judge.
4. What is the square root of 9? 3
5. Which fish can be white, brown or rainbow? Trout
6. Name the Norton who wrote the Phantom Toll Booth.
Round 6
1. Name the Australian Aboriginal weapon which comes back to you when you throw it?
2. Name the Jeremy Strong book: Hundred Mile an Hour _____. Dog
3. What name is given to a young swan? A cygnet
4. Who is the Liverpool manager? Jurgen Klopp
5. Unscramble these to find something very old: canine-t/ Ancient
6. What is the widest river in the world? The Amazon

Round 7
1. Who wrote ‘The Hungry Road?’ Marita Conlon Mc Kenna                 ?
2. Name Greg’s young brother in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
3. In which county is Bunratty Castle? Clare
4. What country plays its home rugby games at Twickenham? England
5. In which organ of the body is the cerebellum? The brain
6. In mythology who could you to stone if you looked at her. Begins with an M

Round 8
1. Which sweet lord is likely to say ‘You’re Fired’? Alan Sugar
2. Who played Steve Jobs in the recent movie? Fassbender
3. What mayonnaise based sauce beginning with T might you eat with fish? Tartare
4. GMT stand for Greenwich _____ Time? Mean
5. What small ponies are associated with Scottish islands of the same name? Shetland
6. What is a lie detector test called – it’s girl’s name and a maths chart? Polygraph
Round 9
1. Who is President of the ICLU?
2. Grandfather cuckoo and alarm are types of what? Clocks
3. To what animal does the adjective lupine refer? Wolf
4. Who manages the Kilkenny hurling team? Brian Cody
5. Rudimentary – Lay it All on Me. Name the star.
6. What soft drink has the same name as a type of fairy? Sprite
Round 10
1. Hans Christian Andersen wrote the Ugly ______? Duckling
2. By what name is Paul Hewson more commonly known? Bono
3. What American Harbour was bombed by the Japanese in 1941? Pearl
4. How many hours in 4 days? 96
5. What system of Hindu philosophy and stretching begins with the letter Y? Yoga
6. In which sea are the islands of Sicily and Sardinia? Mediterranean
Round 11
1. Rupert Grint played which character in Harry Potter?
2. What bird lives in an eyrie? An eagle
3. What type of stone might you write on or use to build a roof?
4. Name the band ‘Made in the AM’
5. Benfica and Porto are soccer clubs in which country? Portugal
6. What T is a machine that generates power? Turbine

Round 11: Weasley / eagle / slate / One Direction / Portugal / turbine
Round 12
1. What emergency code is made of dots and dashes? Morse
2. Which animal lives in a drey? A squirrel
3. How many signs of the Chinese zodiac are there? 12
4. In mythology who was shot with an arrow through the heel? Achilles
5. On which river is the Hoover Dam built? Colorado
6. Which Enid Blyton novel with the girl Darrell Rivers is set in a boarding school in England?

Mallory Towers

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