Milford Cross Country Winners

Fred the Magician came to school today. The whole school got a good laugh and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Boys and girls at ‘FAI 5s soccer tournament’

Some photos of World Book Day! The pupils got the chance to read in front of the school a few lines from their favourite book.

Gaeilge na Seachtaine 25 Nov22

Handwriters of the week 25 Nov23

Gaeilge na Seachtaine 28th October’22

Gaeilge na Seachtaine 21Oct 22

Hand writers of the week 14th October’22

Gaeilge na Seachtaine 14th October ’22

Winners of our Debating Team!

Today we had our ‘Kilmac’s Got Talent’ competition with a large amount of children participating. And what Talent we have. From songs to poems to jokes to piano to singing to gymnastics… the list goes on! We are super proud of all these students!

and well done to the winners! And to our very own Simon Cowell (aka Master Gallagher) for organising.

Junior sports Day! We all had so much fun!

Senior Sports Day and what a glorious day we all had.


Kilmac 5k

Raising of our Our Active Flag

Master Toye (Donegal All Ireland champion) and Master O’Donnell got the whole school out to raise our New Active Flag. What a glorious day we had and all our hard work at keeping active is paying off.

Junior infants enjoying a game of Snakes and Ladders

5th class Games of Activities

2nd class enjoying Gaelic Training and getting fit ⚽️

6th class enjoying Gaelic Football and practicing our cross country running.

Senior Infants enjoying learning to play Gaelic Football and getting fit ⚽️

Junior Infants having fun, getting fit and learning the basics of Gaelic Football ⚽️

Leg it to Lapland’ Challenge

  • All classes in the school are doing a combined run covering the distance from the school to Lapland which is a total distance of 4089km. The run will take approximately 20 days so we hope to have completed the race before the Christmas holidays. Pictures will be posted over the course of the 4 weeks.

30 @ 30′ Challenge

  • In conjunction with the Donegal Sports Partnership, all classes will participate in the ’30 @ 30 Challenge’. The aim of the challenge is to undertake some form of exercise for the 30 days leading up to the Christmas holidays. Ideal opportunity for everyone to get their fitness levels before the turkey comes calling!!

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