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Dear Parent/Guardian,

The school will close on Thursday, 2nd December at 12 noon for staff training (the School Bus will bring school bus pupils home at 12 noon). School will resume as normal on Friday, 3rd December.

As you may be aware, we have undertaken some works in our school grounds recently; this is in preparation for a prefabricated building that we hope to be in a position to use from late January/ February onwards. We have also submitted planning for a permanent two-classroom extension. We will let you know in due course of any updates in this regard.

We are facilitating a St Vincent de Paul food collection in the school this week. Please feel free to donate suitable, non-perishable items if you so wish. Any donated items will be used as part of food parcels for local use.

Christmas Annuals for the pupils are available to purchase from the class teacher, if you so wish. They are €2 each.

Finally, I wish to thank you all for your co-operation in relation to Covid issues over the term. It has been greatly appreciated and has contributed greatly to the wellbeing of all. I respectfully ask that you keep us updated of any Covid concerns you may have and that you continue to keep your child at home if they are symptomatic/ close contacts etc.

Kind regards,

John Devenney.

Christmas Shoe box appeal

We ask those who wish to participate in the Christmas Shoe box appeal to return the boxes to the school by Friday, 5th November.

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      Summer holidays from 12 noon on 21 June

      • 2024/25 School Year
        We will reopen for pupils on Wed 28 August 2024

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      We will accept applications for the 2024/25 school year from 8 January until 29 January 2024..


      Use the first link for Applications to our Mainstream Junior Infant class & for applications to other Mainstream Classes

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      Enrolment Application Form  school year

      Please attach a copy of the child's Birth Certificate with the application.

      Please contact the School Office for Information regarding Applications for our ASD Class.

      Forms for Special Class Applications are listed below.

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    • 2024/25 School Year
      We will reopen for pupils on Wed 28 August 2024