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Class-Teacher Allocation.

Junior Infants- Ms Greene; Snr Infants- Mrs Boyle; First Classs- Ms Hegarty; Second Class- Ms Diver; Third Class- Mrs Gallagher; Fourth Class- Ms Ferry; Fifth Class- Mr Gallagher; Sixth Class- Mr O Donnell.

Our SEN team is Mrs Doherty, Mrs Neely, Mrs Nic Aoidh, Mrs Nelis, with Mrs Galway in the ASD class.

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John Devenney.

Advice for Parents

Issued by the DES

Advice during COVID-19:

Back to school Advice for parents

Most students will be looking forward to going back to school and will feel happy and excited. Some may feel a little anxious about returning. That’s a normal response at a time of change. Most will settle back in soon once they get used to the new rules and routines. Remind them of the positive aspects of returning – like re-connecting with friends and re-engaging with school activities.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Public Health Advice

Everyone has been working very hard to ensure a safe reopening of schools for staff, students and their families.

New rules and routines to follow to keep everyone safe:

> Good handwashing and hygiene practice – important for all students. Make sure your child knows to use a tissue to cover coughs or sneezes or to cough or sneeze into their elbow.

> In senior primary classes and at post-primary – physical distancing procedures will need to be followed by all. > Primary school – younger children may not be required to practice physical distancing, but they may be organised into pods. There may also be new rules about drop off and pick up.

> Staff in all schools, and post-primary students, should wear a face covering where a physical distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained.

Advice during COVID-19: Back to school Advice for parents Coronavirus COVID-19 Public Health Advice

New rules and routines to follow to keep everyone safe: > Encourage your child to walk or cycle to school if possible and safe to do so.

> Teachers understand that it hasn’t been easy for young people to study at home during school closures. Remember, we all have a role to play in getting everyone back to school safely.

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  • School Holidays

    • 8 March Referendum Day Closure
      No school for pupils on Friday 8 March due to the school being used as a polling station.
    • March Bank Holiday
      The School will be closed on Monday 18th March 2024
    • Easter Holidays
      There will be no school from Monday 25th March for two weeks.

      Re-opening on Monday 8th April.
    • May Bank Holiday
      We are closed on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th May.
    • Enrolment News

      We will accept applications for the 2024/25 school year from 8 January until 29 January 2024..


      Use the first link for Applications to our Mainstream Junior Infant class & for applications to other Mainstream Classes

      New Enrolments

      Enrolment Application Form  school year

      Please attach a copy of the child's Birth Certificate with the application.

      Please contact the School Office for Information regarding Applications for our ASD Class.

      Forms for Special Class Applications are listed below.

      NCSE-Application-Form-1-Application-for-access-to-SNA-support (9)

      SEN-School-Transport-Application-Form (22)