Green School Policy.

Green School Policy
Numerous activities take place in Scoil Cholmcille, Kilmacrennan in order to ensure that we have a clean safe and healthy working environment.

Activities and information campaigns such as the following are currently running within the school:

Tidy Classrooms Competition:

The tidy classrooms competition is held weekly. Members from the competitions committee go around to each classroom everyday (after each lunch break) in order to ensure that the standard stated as part of the tidy classrooms guidelines has been maintained on a daily basis. The members of the tidy classrooms committee inspect areas of the classroom such as under desks, shelves, window sills, sink areas and the general appearance of the classroom.

The correct usage of the bins – litter, recycling and compost is taken into consideration in the final mark awarded to the class. The committee awards the class with a positive green card comment if the standard is being maintained otherwise a negative mark is given. At the end of the week a certificate is awarded to the best class during assembly.


Recycling Bins:

A recycling bin is placed in each classroom to ensure that cartons, yoghurt tubs (which must be washed out), cereal bar wrappers etc. are disposed of correctly. The recycling bins are collected after the main lunch break. The chosen members of the environmental committee collect the bins and sort through them to ensure that they are being used correctly. Once this process has been carried out, the bins are returned to each classroom. The recycling bins are colour coded, blue in colour, as to avoid confusion regarding their correct use.

Litter Bins:

A general litter bin is also placed in each classroom to cater for the disposal of normal classroom waste i.e. left over pieces of food, floor dirt, old crayons etc. and this is emptied on a daily basis.

Compost Bins:

Each classroom also has a compost bin for fruit peelings, cores and other organic waste. The content of this bin is emptied into the main compost bin twice weekly. This bin is located next to the school garden. The teacher’s staffroom is also equipped with three bins in order to set a good example to the younger members of the school and to reinforce the message that everyone is doing his/her part in caring for the environment.

Paper for shredding:

Each classroom has a box where waste paper can be placed for shredding. This box is emptied twice weekly and the contents shredded by one of two shredders which the school currently possesses.

Posters and wall displays:

The school has been working very hard over the past year with its internal recycling campaign. Posters have been designed containing information about some useful tips on effective recycling habits, water and energy conservation and the creation of a healthy, litter-free environment. Wall displays based on our theme of “recycle, Re-use, Reduce” are very much in evidence in the main school hallway.


Children are encouraged to re-use plastic bottles for their drinks, use plastic lunch-boxes rather than tin-foil, conserve paper by writing on the back of sheets deemed “waste” etc. We also encourage the children to take their waste home with them so as to cut down on the volume that the school actually produces. Targeted Recycling Weeks throughout the year will be introduced where old phones, used batteries, ink cartridges and old clothes will be collected and sent to the relevant agencies or to the proper centre’s to be recycled.

So as you can see our school is working diligently to do our bit to help the environment and raise awareness.

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