Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) Policy


We, the principal and staff of Kilmacrennan N.S., set out our policy statement regarding SPHE in our school.

We acknowledge the importance of SPHE in the life of the school and in light of keeping our children safe and happy, and helping them to achieve their full potential while becoming full and active citizens.

Many core subjects enhance the lives of the children, SPHE has the potential to save their lives. It is with this belief in the importance of SPHE that we undertook to develop our policy.

In accordance with Department guidelines, our staff attended training courses and seminars on SPHE. We have also attended DLP training.

The school will follow the curriculum as laid down by the Department:

Myself: (a) Self Identity
(b) Taking care of my Body
Growing and Changing
Safety and Protection
Making Decisions

Myself & Others (a) Myself and my Family
(b) My Friends and Other People
(c) Relating to Others

Myself & (a) Developing Citizenship
The Wider World (b) Media Education


The aims of Social, Personal and Health Education are:

To promote the personal development and wellbeing of the child.
To foster in the child a sense of care and respect for himself/herself and others and an appreciation of the dignity of every human being.
To promote the health of the child and provide a foundation for healthy living in all its aspects.
To enable the child to make informed decisions and choices about the social, personal and health dimensions of life, both now and in the future.
To develop in the child a sense of social responsibility, a commitment to active and participative citizenship and an appreciation of the democratic way of life.
To enable the child to respect human and cultural diversity and to appreciate and understand the interdependent nature of the world.

Time Allocation:

Time will be allocated in accordance with proposed timetable in Revised Curriculum – Introduction, half-hour per week. Also discretionary time to be used by class teachers for work in SPHE.

By its nature, SPHE naturally integrates with RE programme and elements of SESE, especially Environmental Care, History, developing a sense of identity, water safety and is an integral part of PE programme.


In accordance with the revised curriculum, the content of SPHE curriculum in
Kilmacrennan N.S. will incorporate the following three strands:

Myself and Others
3. Myself and the Wider World.


We in Kilmacrennan N.S. will approach SPHE by:

trying to create a school climate and atmosphere to foster the health and wellbeing of all the members of the school community; providing a safe and secure environment where children experience a sense of belonging and know that the concerns and contributions of parents, children and teachers are taken into account – a positive school environment promotes self-confidence, self-worth and promotes respectful and caring relationships throughout the school, thus ensuring that the SPHE is lived out within the school community;
using discreet SPHE time will provide for the teaching of SPHE during designated class periods – class teachers may organise it in block periods and use it as required rather than confining the time to a set period each week;
using an integrated approach to SPHE will allow for aspects of SPHE to be covered in related subject areas – RE, SESE, PE.

Involvement of parents and members of the wider community:

It is our practise to make parents feel that they are an integral part of the school.
Guest speakers on Environmental issues, Health & Safety issues, Local Government, Gardaí, Fire Brigade and local people who contribute to making our area special are invited in on a regular basis.

Developing a positive school climate and atmosphere:

By promoting SPHE as an integral part of the school curriculum, we feel that the essence of SPHE is being allowed permeate in the school and affect the members of our school community.

We undertake to create a positive atmosphere in our school by treating each other with respect and consideration. We will, by our Mission Statement, try to always live up to the ideals of good citizenship and genuine concern for the children in our care and the community in which we serve.

This policy was ratified by the Board of management at a meeting on 26th Jan 2012
This policy will be reviewed every 3 years.

See also DES Circular 022/2010 which outlines best practice in terms of the teaching of SPHE in primary schools.

  • School Holidays

    • Easter Holidays 2018
      Closing for Easter Holidays on Fri 23 March & re-opening on Mon 9 April 2018.
    • May Bank Holiday 2018.
      The school is closed on Mon 7th May 2018.
    • June Bank Holiday 2018.
      The school is closed on Mon 4th June 2018.
    • Provisional Summer Closure 2018
      Provisional date for Summer Holidays is Fri 22nd June 2018.

      Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

      In the event of unforeseen closures, the Board of Management may use the first three days of the Easter Holidays to catch up on missed school days.