5th Class

Rang a Cúig Booklist 2021-22

A School Book Rental system is in place for pupils from Third to Sixth classes at a cost of €35 per pupil, subject to a family maximum contribution of €60. For this fee, the school provides the following books:

Planet Maths 5,

Starlight 5,

Abair Liom G,

Treasury E,

Small World 5 (History by C J Fallon)

Small World 5 (Geography) by C J Fallon),

Let’s Discover Science Journal 5 (CJ Fallon)

My Read at Home 5 (CJ Fallon)

Léigh sa Bhaile E (CJ Fallon)

Class Novels in English and Gaeilge.

Religion books.

The rental fee can be paid in late June, or the first week of the new term. Alternatively, you may purchase the above books at your own expense.



It will also be necessary to purchase the following workbooks for the 2021-22 school year

New Wave English in Practice 5 (Prim-Ed);

New Wave Mental Maths 5 (Prim-Ed);

Spellbound 5 (CJ Fallon);

Fuaimeanna agus Focail 5 (Folens);

Map Skills 1 (CJ Fallon)

Mindful Matters 5 SPHE (CJ Fallon)

Notes: It is school policy to have pupil names in Irish on copies etc. Personalised School Diaries will be available on opening week.

Other requirements: 1 X Sum Copy, 1 X Class Copy; Packet Spare Copies; 2 X Pencils,,2 X Red Pens , Blue Pen, Black Pen, Calculator, Eraser, Sharpener, Long Ruler, Twistables, Black Sharpie, Highlighter, Markers, Mathematical Set, Set earphones, Pritstick; Ringbound folder with subject dividers.


General Info

Collective names

A sloth of bears

A skulk of foxes

A kindle of kittens

A clowder of cats

A gaggle of geese

A parliament of owls

A litter of pups

A murder of crows

An exaltation of larks

A mob/ troop of kangaroos

A shoal of herring

A school of whales

A smuck of jellyfish

A pride of lions

A murmuration of starlings

A barren of mules

A team of oxen

Animal Homes

Rabbits live in a burrow ( a group of burrows is a warren)

A hare lives in a form (a nest above grass)

A badger lives in a sett

A squirrel lives in a drey

An otter in a holt

A beaver lives in a lodge but builds a dam builds a dam

A fox lives in a den

A cow in a byre

A chicken coop

A pig sty

A bull is kept in a pen

Other Animal Facts

A Crane-fly is a Daddy Long legs

Elephants are mammals and they are the only animals with four knees. The seat on an elephant’s back is called a howdah. Elephants are often hunted for their valuable ivory. Their nose is called a trunk.

A mammoth is a prehistoric elehant.

Hannibal was a famous Carthagian general who once crossed the Alps with a herd of elephants on his way to attack Rome.

An elephant is the world’s heaviest animal (the rhinoceros is the second heaviest animal).

African elephants have bigger ears than the Asian elephant.

Hippopotamus means ‘river-horse’ in Greek.

Dinosaur means ‘terrible lizard’; Tyrannosaurus Rex was king of the dinosaurs. Rex means ‘king’.

The camel is ‘the ship of the desert’. Camels have three stomach chambers. There are two main breeds; A dromedary (one-hump) and a bactrian (two humps). A camel stores fat in the humps.

Polar bears live in the Arctic only; penguins at the Antarctica.

The Lion is considered ‘the king of the beasts’.

Owls are considered to be wise. An owl can rotate its head 270 degrees. Breeds include Spectacled, Long-Eared, Barn, Striped, Oriental Bay, Snowy, Eastern Screech, Tawny, Great Grey.

An owl hoots. A baby owl is called an owlet.

The dingo is the wild dog of Australia.

A Manx cat has no tail (lives on the Isle of Man )

Paddington bear comes from Peru.

The Abominable Snowman – also known as the Yeti – lives in the Himalayas.

Tigers are indigenous to Asia

Pumas and Jaguars are indigenous to South America

The smallest dog is the chihuahua (Mexico); the largest dog is the Irish Wolfhound.

A Queen Bee lives in a hive (one Queen oper hive). Worker bees are drones. A bee has six legs. Bees produce honey.

‘as busy as a bee’. Bees can live in an apiary.

Kangaroo- the young is called a ‘joey’. Kangaroos carry their young in a pouch IE They are marsupials.

Horses have four gaits ie they can run, gallop, canter or trot.

Horses are traditionally bought in ‘guineas’.

All racehorses’ birthdays are on January 1st.

A spider has eight legs.

Animals Families

Canine – Dog

Feline – Cat

Asinine – donkey

Equine – horses

Swine – pigs

Lupine – wolf

Vulpine – fox

Rodents – Rats, mice etc

Aquiline – eagle

Ovine – sheep

Bovine – cow

Ursine – bear

Simian – monkey/ ape

Reynard – fox

Brock refers to badger

Ermine refers to stoat.


Cat- kitten

Rabbit – kitten

Hedgehog – hoglet

Goat – kid

Whale – calf

Duck – duckling

Swan – cygnet

Dog – pup.


Cabbage White, Painted Lady, Blue Morpho, Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Peacock, Common Blue


Pipistrelle, Long-Eared, Flittermouse, Horseshoe


Maine, Manx Cat has no tail – from the Isle of Man, Burmese, Siamese?


Red, Fallow

Sika Deer/ Japanese


Pintail, Mallard, Wigeon, Eider, Mandarin, Pochard, Teal


Brent, Barnacle, Greylag, Cackling, White-fronted, Canada, Snow,


Clydesdale, Piebald, Blazer, Mustang, Trotter

A horse has four gaits; Walk, Canter, trot and gallop.


Shetland, Connemara, Highland


Charlotte, Tarantula, Huntsman, Black Widow

Arachnaphobia is the fear of spiders


Mute swan, Tundra Swan, Whooper Swan


The speed of ships at sea is measured in knots.

Bow – the front of a ship

Starboard – the left side

Port- the right side

Stern – the rear of a ship

Galley – the kitchen of a ship

Deck – the floor of a ship

Cabin – a sleeping quarter

Crow’s Nest – the look out point

Funnel – a ship’s chimney

A Captain’s diary is called a log.

Sailor’s refer to the bottom of the sea as ‘Davy Jones’ Locker’.

A ship’s load is called a cargo. A Plimsoll Line is the line on the side of a cargo ship that marks a safe cargo load.

The workers on a ship are called crew members.

The Titanic ship was built in Harland & Wolff dockyard in Belfast. It sank on its maiden voyage in April 1912, having set sail from Southampton, destined for New York. It picked up passengers in France and at Queenstown ( now called Cobh) in Cork. The Titanic struck an iceberg.

John Smith was the captain of the Titanic.

We were delighted to welcome the Young At Heart group to our class this week. All students had great fun playing cards.

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      All schools will re-open on Thursday 6th January 2022.
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