3rd Class

Tropical FishRecently we have being learning all about Austrailia

Aboriginal Art
Landscape Patterns 3rd Class Electricity Experiment
misc april 2018 490
Landscape Patterns
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misc april 2018 488
misc april 2018 489
Seachtain na Gaeilge
Tá ceoil agus Craic
Lá Fhéile Pádraig
seachtaine na gaeilge 026
seachtaine na gaeilge 027
seachtaine na gaeilge 028
seachtaine na gaeilge 029
seachtaine na gaeilge 030
seachtaine na gaeilge 031
seachtaine na gaeilge 032
seachtaine na gaeilge 033
seachtaine na gaeilge 034
seachtaine na gaeilge 035
seachtaine na gaeilge 036
seachtaine na gaeilge 037
seachtaine na gaeilge 038
We read a piece from our favorite Book!
world book day 06 mar 18 005
All dressed up as our favorite book character for World Book Day!world book day 06 mar 18 024Learning about Amazing Africa

misc 14 feb 029

Creating our own stories on Africamisc 14 feb 030

misc 14 feb 031

misc 14 feb 032

Scriobh Leabhar

misc 14 feb 033Winter Art

‘Our lovely penguins’

misc jan 18 018

misc jan 18 019

misc jan 18 020

Winter Art

‘An Fear Sneachta’

misc jan 18 021

misc jan 18 022

misc jan 18 023

When Santa came to class! Merry Christmas from rang a Trísantas visit 17 010

Happy Halloween from Rang 3

halloween 2017 017

halloween 2017 067

halloween 2017 068

halloween 2017 069

Using our Initials to create a cool name.

notice boards and aister oct17 041

notice boards and aister oct17 042

notice boards and aister oct17 043

Beautiful Nature Art

notice boards and aister oct17 044

notice boards and aister oct17 045

notice boards and aister oct17 046

Learning about USA! notice boards and aister oct17 047

notice boards and aister oct17 048

notice boards and aister oct17 049

Taking advantage of the good weather we went on a Nature Walk and enjoyed all the lovely Autumn Leaves, flowers, fruit trees etc.


nature walks 020

nature walks 021

nature walks 022

nature walks 023

nature walks 024

nature walks 028

nature walks 029

nature walks 030

nature walks 031

nature walks 033

nature walks 035

nature walks 036

nature walks 037

nature walks 047

nature walks 050

nature walks 051

nature walks 053

nature walks 055

nature walks 057

nature walks 058

nature walks 059

nature walks 060

nature walks 061

nature walks 062

nature walks 066

nature walks 070

nature walks 071

nature walks 072

nature walks 074

Welcome to our new 3rd class of 2017-’18

Taking a line for a walk

misc sept 17 041



Third Class Booklist 2017-’18.


School Book Rental system is also in place for pupils from Third to Sixth classes at a cost of €20 per pupil, subject to a family maximum contribution of €50. If you wish to participate in the rental scheme, please forward the money to the School Office by Friday, 9th June .   Alternatively, you may purchase the following books at your own expense

• Planet Maths 3; • Reading Zone 3; • Abair Liom E; • Better English 3 (www.educate.ie); • Small World for 3rd History (Fallons); • Small World for 3rd Geography & Science (Fallons); -Irish readers, Réaltaí agus Spréacha.



It will be necessary for all to purchase the following workbooks for the 2017-18 school year.

  • New Wave Mental Maths 3 (Prim-Ed)
  • Spellings: SpellWell 3 C.J Fallon
  • Réalta Litriú B  (Gill Education)
  • Handwriting: Go with the Flow E (CJ Fallon)
  • Just Maps 3rd Class (Educate.ie)
  • Each pupil should also have an English dictionary(Collins)and an atlas (Philips Irish Primary Atlas, Folens)
  • New Wave in English in Practice for third class, Prim-ed


  • Other requirements 6 X Copies; 2 X Maths Copies; 2 X Pritt Stick; Scrapbook; 1 X Polly Pocket Folder; 1 X Wallet Folder; 1 X Packet of Twistables; 2 X Pencils, pens; Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler


The school will re-open for pupils on Wednesday, 30th August 2017.

School diaries will be available on opening week.

It is school policy to have pupil names on copies in Irish.

The school booklist is available on www.kilmacrennanschool.com under the class dropbar.

Our Tropical Fish

misc may 2017 327

Shape Monsters

misc may 2017 328

misc may 2017 329

misc may 2017 330


Lá Féile Pádraig agus Seachtain na Gaeilge

la fheile padraig 140

la fheile padraig 141 la fheile padraig 142

la fheile padraig 143Congratulation

s to our in-house Art Competition winners for World Book Day!

1st Ava

2nd Maeve

3rd Leoniecolouring competition winners 044world book day 029

World Book Day 2017

Learning about Amazing Africa

misc feb17 016

misc feb17 017

Santa’s visit to rang 3


‘Trees’ inspired by Rang 3



Winter Penguinsnotice-boards-and-debate-dec16-042




Happy Halloween from Rang a 3

Halloween Art


Our Initials –  Art


Autumn Art



Facts on the USA




Siúloid Dúlra le Rang a Trí














  • School Holidays

    • June Bank Holiday 2018.
      The school is closed on Mon 4th June 2018.
    • Provisional Summer Closure 2018
      Provisional date for Summer Holidays is Fri 22nd June 2018.

      Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

      In the event of unforeseen closures, the Board of Management may use the first three days of the Easter Holidays to catch up on missed school days.