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Also, school-at-home activities are posted online at every weekday morning

If you need any more information, or would like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contacting us!

Hi, I appreciate that Covid-19 can be a challenging time for some and we will seek to help with any schooling challenges at this time. Feel free to contact me on with any queries.

Many of the class teachers have set up class emails for parents to contact them if you so wish, or you can send it directly to the school. Class email contacts are found under the individual classes.

Naí Shóis/ Junior Infants :

Naí Shin/ Senior Infants :

Rang 1 :

Rang 2 :

Rang 3 :

Rang 4 :

Rang 5 :

Rang 6 :

Please read the following letter for all parents.

Yours, John Devenney.

Dear Parent/ Guardian

Hi all,

I hope that you are all well and managing to find something to do to pass the time! As things stand, the lock down currently remains in place until the 5th of May and schools are closed until further notice. One of the unfortunate consequences of this is that Fr Dunne has noted that the Sacrament of First Holy Communion will not proceed as planned in May; I appreciate this is hugely disappointing but we will have something to look forward to at a later date.

We appreciate that posting school work is working very well for some students while others find it a bit more challenging. We do encourage you all to do your best and to keep working to the best of your ability. If you have any questions or queries, parents can e-mail the school at and we’ll do our best to help. Some of the teachers have set up individual emails and these can be found with their class work for the coming week.

We have set some work for the coming weeks. Work packs are being posted to Junior and Senior Infant pupils and should arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Work for the other classes can be found under ‘Our Classes’ drop-bar on the website. The SEN/ Learning Support team will make contact with their pupils over the next few days.

Please note that the deadline for applying for school transport is Friday, April 24th. This is done online at Kilmacrennan NS has no role in this process,

Please contact me via email if you require any further information,

Take care,

Yours sincerely,

John Devenney

Kevin has been busy!

~ (1600×1067)

Kevin, in Fifth Class, has been putting his spare time to good use recently. He has built a magnificent replica of the Titanic. Maith thú

Easter Note to All.

Hi, the Easter Holidays are here and I hope you are are all enjoying your unexpected time off school. We did give you some school work to do over the past few weeks and we hope you managed to get it done. If not, don’t worry about it. You can do it over Easter or, if it’s a little difficult to get done, your teacher will help you catch up with the work when we get back to school.

I hope you’ve heard our most recent School News. We have nine healthy new chicks, hatched from the eggs in  Ms Ferry’s Fourth class Chick Hatching Project. Our Debating Team won the Donegal Concern Debating League. Grace, in Sixth Class, was runner up in the Highland Radio Art competition. Well done to all.

Recreational Easter Ideas: If you are looking for ideas for Easter, how about trying a few of these.

1. Organising an Easter hunt,

2. Drawing an Easter Card

3. Writing a nice letter/postcard to a granny, grandad or to a friend in your class,

4. Write a daily diary of what you are doing, who you meet and what’s in the news,

5. Going for a daily walk,

6. Identify three new flowers or trees near you house,

7. Look for frogspawn with a parent,

8. Visit your church or chapel,Learn a little about what Easter Week means/Spy Wednesday/ Holy Thursday/ Good Friday/ Easter Sunday.

9. Play with a toy from Christmas last year.

10. Offer to do a job in the house each day.

11.Watch Virtual Classroom on Rte2 at 11am or Explore how to take a virtual Tour of Dublin Zoo.

12. Read a book (or ask somebody to read you a story this week).

If you’re allowed, visit our School Website with a parent {Pupil Zone} and look for an educational game you like. (www. is good fun for multiplication practice for 3rd to Sixth. Use the code Prim20 to access).

For anybody who is looking for Project Ideas, how about Famous People in History/Famous Irish People,  or Famous Women. You could write a story about your Grandparents and prepare some questions for a telephone interview. Keep your work to show your teacher when we get back to school. We certainly look forward to seeing it.

You don’t have to do any of the above ideas, but you might like some of them. You might even have some better ideas yourself.

We hope to see you soon. Take care,

From all your teachers at Kilmacrennan School.

*Remember to keep Social Distancing and to wash your hands regularly! *

  • School Holidays

    • Halloween Holidays 2021
      All schools will close from Monday 25th October 2021 to Friday 29th October
      2021 inclusive
    • Christmas Holidays
      All schools will close on Wednesday 22nd December 2021, which will be the final
      day of the school term.
      All schools will re-open on Thursday 6th January 2022.
    • February Mid-term 2022
      We will close on Thursday 24th February 2022 and Friday 25th
      February 2022.
    • Easter Holidays 2022

      We will close on Friday 8 April 2022 and re-open on Monday 25th April 2022

    • May Bank Holiday 2022
      We will close on Monday 2 May 2022
    • June Bank Holiday 2022
      We will close on Monday 6 June
    • Summer Closing Date 2022
      We will close on Fri 17 June 2022. Please note that these dates are provisional and subject to change.


      Please contact the School Office for up to date enrolment information.

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      Enrolment Application Form for Mainstream Classes (including Junior Infants)  2021-22 school year

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