Nuacht Litir na Scoile

September Newsletter

Dear Parent,

I wish to welcome you all for the school year.  The children appear to be settling quickly and we are looking forward to the term.  We particularly welcome all our new pupils, including Ms Hegarty’s Junior Infants Class and new pupils throughout the school.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few issues:

Please note that we call pupils to class each day at 9.20am. We open our school gates from 9am onwards but cannot accept responsibility for pupils who arrive before this time. We therefore request that you do not leave unsupervised pupils at the school gates, whether they arrive by bus or otherwise.

The pupils have a mid-morning and lunchtime break. Lunches are generally eaten in the classroom and we encourage the children to take any litter or wrappings home each day. We respectfully request that our Healthy Lunches policy is adhered to. This means that sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks etc are not sent to school as part of a lunch. We ask that items such as school jumpers, stationery, lunch boxes (anything that moves!) are labelled and that the name tags are regularly refreshed.

The school is operating a No Nut policy.

We request that the school uniform is worn at all times. Teachers will inform you of the day your child is doing Physical Education.

Please provide us with up to date contact numbers, particularly with reference to mobile numbers. We operate a school text service and we will send a greeting to all numbers on our database later this week.  Please inform the school on Monday, 11th September if you have not received the introductory message.

The school will provide text books and copybooks to all pupils but they are to supply their own stationery. We request a Voluntary Contribution of €20 per child or €30 per family to cover costs such as photocopying expenses, Art materials, First Aid supplies and much more.  We thank those who have already paid this amount and encourage any outstanding fees to be paid in the coming days.

With construction works ongoing at the school, we ask that you pay particular attention to road safety issues and request that your child is accompanied to and from the school gates. Parents are to park in the carpark near the chapel, or along the Main Road, observing normal parking regulations, paying attention to double yellow lines etc.  The car park at the school is for staff and bus parking only. Extra traffic in this area leads to greater risk for pupil and adult safety and we request that this zone remains free of parent traffic. Please relay this information to all adults who drop off or collect your child from school.

We do not allow mobile phones in the school. The school office can relay messages from a parent to a child or from a child to a parent.

All teachers have/are in the process of setting up Seesaw as a means of communication with parents. Please scan or download the app to your phone.

The School Photographer is scheduled to call next Monday, 11th September.

Pupils from First to Sixth classes are presently doing cross-country training with an athletics meet scheduled in Milford on September 19th.

We encourage you to contact the school at the earliest opportunity if you have any queries or concerns and we will seek to address any issues at the earliest opportunity. Please note our telephone (0749139295) and e-mail contact details ( or visit the school website at Please call the School Office in advance if you wish to arrange an appointment with a teacher. In order to minimise disruption, we often arrange such conversations outside of class teaching hours.

Yours sincerely,

John Devenney.

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