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October News


Note from the Parent’s Association:

The Kilmacrennan Parents’ Association are pleased to announce the return of their annual Halloween Family Quiz.  The quiz will be held in the school hall on Wednesday, 26th October at 7.30pm.  There will be spot prizes for the best fancy dress.  This is a family quiz and all children should attend with an adult.  We would ask for parent volunteers from 2nd & 4th class to help out on the night.  Please contact Pauline Gallagher if you’re available to help out on the night.  The Parents’ Association would also ask for donations for prizes for the night: tins of biscuits/sweets, small vouchers etc.  It’s €5 per family for the quiz and and raffle tickets will be sold on the night.  The Parents’ Association will have a tuck shop on the night for the children. Kilmacrennan Parents’ Association

Other News

Sixth Class pupils are scheduled to visit the Ulster-American Folk Park on Wednesday of this week. A six-week Swimming lessons course – beginning on 8th November – is planned for pupils in Second and Fifth class. Respective class teachers will furnish further details nearer the time.

Our school had a successful outing at the recent Cross-Country Athletics in Milford and we now look forward to competing in the Donegal Finals in Buncrana on 20 October.

Further upcoming events include Maths Week, the Letterkenny & District Schools Soccer League and Cumann na mBunscol GAA blitzes. We also hope to reschedule the events from the Wainfest Literary Festival that were cancelled due to the tragic events in Creeslough.

I respectfully request that you please refresh your child’s name on school jumpers, coats etc over the coming days. I also wish to restress the importance of keeping the school car park for bus and staff parking only. Finally, I wish to remind you that the school does not accept responsibility for the supervision of pupils before the opening of the School Gates at 9 am.

The school will close for Mid-term break on Friday, 28th October at 2/3pm for pupils and re-open on Monday, 7th November.

Yours sincerely,

John Devenney.

Free Coding Workshop

Free coding workshops from DojoMór 2022, funded by the HEA, will be running online, from 10am to 1pm, on Saturday 22nd October 2022, offering a range of activities to suit all ages and interests.
On the day, 24,000 students, from primary and secondary schools around Ireland, can learn to code in a fun and exciting virtual environment. This event is being supported by Munster Technological University, Atlantic Technological University, South East Technological University, Maynooth University, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Design Art and Technology Design, and Offaly County Council.
Coding Workshop List for DojoMór 2022:
Coding for Beginners with Lightbot
Build an App with Thunkable & Bubble
Code a Virtual Robot with VEX Code VR
Code like a Pro with HTML
Create a Story/Game with Scratch
Code a Micro-chip with Micro :bit
3D Modelling with Blender
Making Music with Soundtrap
The Magic of Augmented & Virtual Reality 

We would appreciate if you could share this with your teachers and students.
For information and bookings –  Or scan here – For updates and competitions – @dojomor2021
Bookings are open now ­We hope you can make it, ­The DojoMór Team

September Newsletter

Dear Parent,

I wish to welcome you all for the school year.  All children appear to have settled quickly and we are looking forward to the term.  We particularly welcome all our new pupils, including Ms Hegarty’s Junior Infants Class, new pupils throughout the school, and our pupils from Ukraine.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few issues:

Please note that we call pupils to class each day at 9.20am. We open our school gates from 9am onwards but cannot accept responsibility for pupils who arrive before this time. We therefore request that you do not leave unsupervised pupils at the school gates, whether they arrive by bus or otherwise.

The pupils have a mid-morning and lunchtime break. Lunches are generally eaten in the classroom and we encourage the children to take any litter or wrappings home each day. We respectfully request that our Healthy Lunches policy is adhered to. This means that sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks etc are not sent to school as part of a lunch. We ask that items such as school jumpers, stationery, lunch boxes etc are labelled and that the labels are regularly refreshed.

We request that the school uniform is worn at all times. Our stock of spare uniform items in the school is quite low and we would appreciate the donation of any spare uniforms you may have. Non-branded grey tracksuit bottoms may be worn on PE days only. Teachers will inform you of the day your child is doing Physical Education. Pupils are not wear to jewellery during PE classes.

We request that we are at all times provided with up to date contact numbers, particularly with reference to mobile numbers. We operate a school text service and we will send a greeting to all numbers on our database later this week.  Please inform the school on Friday, 9th September if you have not received the introductory message.

The school provides school books to Junior and Senior Infants for a fee of €60. We thank those who have paid this amount and encourage any outstanding fees to be paid in the coming days. We also operate a School Book Rental scheme for pupils from Third to Sixth class and ask that anybody participating in the scheme to do so by Friday of this week. Details are on the website.

We ask that you pay particular attention to road safety issues and request that your child is accompanied to and from the school gates. Parents are to park in the carpark near the chapel, or along the Main Road, observing normal parking regulations, paying attention to double yellow lines etc.

The car park at the school is for staff and bus parking only. Extra traffic in this area leads to greater risk for pupil and adult safety and we request that this zone remains free of parent traffic. Please relay this information to all adults who drop off or collect your child from school.

The spectre of Covid has eased somewhat at the moment though it is still present to a small degree in our school community. We will continue to promote good hygiene practices and standards. We continue to encourage the use of personal hand towels etc at school

We do not allow mobile phones in the school. The school office can relay messages from a parent to a child or from a child to a parent. Pupils who have been using phones to facilitate translation will have the use of an i-pad at school if so required.

Parental Support is a huge part of our school community and we encourage all to attend a Parents Association meeting in the School Library on Wednesday 14th September at 8pm.

All teachers have/are in the process of setting up Seesaw as a means of communication with parent. Please scan or download the app to your phone.

We encourage you to contact the school at the earliest opportunity if you have any queries or concerns and we will seek to address any issues at the earliest opportunity. Please note our telephone (0749139295) and e-mail contact details ( or visit the school website at Please call the School Office in advance if you wish to arrange an appointment with a teacher. In order to minimise disruption, we try to arrange such conversations outside of class teaching hours.

Yours sincerely,

John Devenney.

This note can also be viewed under the School News drop-bar on our website at

Вересневий інформаційний лист

Шановні батьки,

Вітаю всіх вас з початком навчального року. Здається, всі діти швидко освоїлися, і ми з нетерпінням чекаємо семестру. Ми особливо вітаємо всіх наших нових учнів, у тому числі молодших учнів міс Хегарті, нових учнів у всій школі та наших учнів з України.

Користуючись нагодою, я хотів би нагадати вам про кілька питань:

Будь ласка, зверніть увагу, що ми запрошуємо учнів на уроки щодня о 9.20 ранку. Ми відкриваємо ворота нашої школи з 9 ранку, але не несемо відповідальності за учнів, які прибули раніше цього часу. Тому ми просимо вас не залишати учнів без нагляду біля воріт школи, незалежно від того, прибули вони автобусом чи іншим способом.

Учні мають ранкову та обідню перерви. Обіди, як правило, їдять у класі, і ми заохочуємо дітей забирати будь-яке сміття або обгортки додому щодня. Ми з повагою просимо дотримуватись нашої політики здорових обідів. Це означає, що цукерки, шоколад, газовані напої тощо не приносять до школи як частину обіду. Ми просимо, щоб такі предмети, як шкільні джемпери, канцтовари, коробки для обіду тощо, були марковані та регулярно оновлювалися.

Ми просимо постійно носити шкільну форму. Наш запас форми в школі досить низький, і ми будемо вдячні за пожертвування будь-якої запасної форми, яка у вас може бути.  Сірі спортивні штани можна носити лише в дні фізичної підготовки. Вчителі повідомлять вам день, коли ваша дитина займається фізкультурою. Під час уроків фізкультури учні не носять прикрас.

Ми просимо, щоб нам завжди надавали актуальні контактні номери, зокрема  мобільні номери. Ми працюємо зі шкільною текстовою службою, і пізніше цього тижня ми надішлемо привітання на всі номери в нашій базі даних. Будь ласка, повідомте школу в п’ятницю, 9 вересня, якщо ви не отримали ознайомче повідомлення.

Школа надає шкільні підручники дітям молодшого та старшого віку за оплату 60 євро. Ми дякуємо тим, хто сплатив цю суму, і закликаємо сплатити всі непогашені збори найближчими днями. Ми також використовуємо програму прокату шкільних підручників для учнів з третього по шостий клас і просимо всіх, хто бере участь у програмі, зробити це до п’ятниці цього тижня. Деталі на сайті.

Просимо вас звернути особливу увагу на питання безпеки дорожнього руху та просимо, щоб вашу дитину супроводжували до та від воріт школи. Батьки мають паркуватися на автостоянці біля каплиці або вздовж головної дороги, дотримуючись звичайних правил паркування, звертаючи увагу на подвійні жовті смуги тощо.

Автостоянка біля школи призначена лише для паркування персоналу та автобусів. Додатковий рух у цій зоні підвищує ризик для безпеки учнів і дорослих, тому ми просимо, щоб ця зона залишалася вільною від руху батьків. Будь ласка, передайте цю інформацію всім дорослим, які підвозять або забирають вашу дитину зі школи.

Загроза від Covid на даний момент дещо зменшилась, хоча зараз він все ще невеликою мірою присутній у нашій шкільній спільноті. Ми продовжуватимемо просувати належну практику та стандарти гігієни. Ми продовжуємо заохочувати використання особистих рушників для рук тощо в школі

Ми забороняємо використовувати мобільні телефони в школі. Шкільний офіс може передавати повідомлення від батьків до дитини або від дитини до батьків. Учні, які користувалися телефонами для полегшення перекладу, матимуть можливість використовувати i-pad у школі, якщо це буде потрібно.

Усі вчителі мають або перебувають у процесі налаштування додатку Seesaw як засобу спілкування з батьками. Відскануйте або завантажте цей додаток на свій телефон.

Ми заохочуємо вас якнайшвидше зв’язатися зі школою, якщо у вас виникнуть запитання чи проблеми, і ми постараємося вирішити будь-які проблеми якомога раніше. Будь ласка, зверніть увагу на наші контактні телефони та електронну пошту на веб-сайті школи і, будь ласка, зателефонуйте в офіс школи заздалегідь, якщо ви бажаєте домовитися про зустріч з учителем. Для зручності , ми намагаємося влаштовувати такі бесіди в позаурочний час.

Щиро Ваш,
Джон Девенні.
Цю замітку також можна переглянути під панеллю «Шкільні новини» на нашому веб-сайті

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

We are all settled back at school for the final term of the year and I’d like to update you on some current school news. The Board of Management were delighted to recently receive news that our proposed SEN permanent extension plans can now proceed to tender preparation and we hope to make continued progress in this regard during the next school year (or two).

We wish to thank you all for the support for our recent Kilmac NS 5k. A total of €1855 was raised on the night. We wish to thank our generous sponsors. All proceeds will go towards upgrading our Classroom Interactive Boards.

Our School Debating team bowed out at the All-Ireland Quarter Final stage but can be proud of their endeavours.  They had a great campaign and are worthy County Champions.

Our Annual Testing of pupil attainment in Numeracy and Literacy will take place over the coming weeks. Pupil End of Year Reports will issue in June.

The pupils are quite active at school this term and we have teams representing the school in athletics, soccer and gaelic. Middle and Senior class pupils are also enjoying a Lunchtime Basketball League. We will also host a Junior and Senior Sports Day later this term. Our School Tour dates have been pencilled in for June and individual teachers will notify their own class of the relevant details.

We are hoping to have an In-School History Week during the week beginning May 23rd with walks, talks etc for different classes. 

Fifth Class pupils have been busy planting and sowing in our School Garden over the past few weeks and we look forward to reaping the benefits of their harvest later this year.

Our Senior pupils also welcomed members of An Garda Síochána for an informative talk on Internet Security.

First Holy Communions are scheduled for this Saturday, 14th May at 12 noon and we wish Ms Wilkins class a lovely day. All are invited to the School Hall for a cup of tea following the Communions.

Finally, we extend a warm welcome to nine Ukrainian pupils who joined our school community this week. We wish them well.

Active Flag is Raised

Kilmacrennan NS recently raised their 3rd Active School Flag much to the delight of both staff and pupils in the school. The Active School Flag is awarded to a school for striving to ‘achieve a physically educated and active school community’.

The guest of honour on the day was former Donegal GAA All-Ireland winner Mr Christy Toye who indeed is a member of the teaching staff in the school. He raised the flag with members of the Student Council. A lot of hard  work went into achieving the flag under the leadership of Mr Mel O’Donnell (coordinator) along with members of the student council from the senior classes who were voted onto the committee by their peers.

Over the course of the two year programme, a huge number and range of activities were provided for the children in Kilmacrennan NS including an Active School’s Week. Some of the many fun activities they engaged in included:-School House Leagues in GAA, soccer and basketball-Gymnastics-1km run daily -Outdoor Adventure and Orienteering-Circuits-Swimming-PAWS Water Safety Programme-Active Homework-PE Art Slogan competition-Fun Run to Lapland-Fun Day Fridays-Annual Sports Day-Cumann na mBunscol -FAI soccer-Cross Country -Track and Field athletics-Tag Rugby-Basketball

April Newsletter

We wish to congratulate the Kilmacrennan National School Debating team on winning the County Donegal Concern Debating League. The team will now represent Donegal in the National Series and look forward to defending the All-Ireland title won last year.

A Cultural Concert will be held in An Craoibhín, Termon on Thursday, April 7th at 7pm. The school will participate in the event, with a number of pupils from 3-6th participating. All are welcome to attend.

The Kilmacrennan NS 5K Run & Family Walk – as part of the Donegal Grand Prix Athletics Circuit – is scheduled for Thursday, May 5th at 7pm. Anybody wishing to help out with organising the event (eg registration, stewarding, helping with refreshments, sponsorship prizes etc) is asked to contact Master O’ Donnell/ Monica McGranaghan/ Helena Roarty.

We will hold an Easter Draw in the school on Thursday, April 7th. Prizes will include an Easter Hamper and Easter Eggs. Tickets are on sale in the school this week (One ticket for €2; three tickets for €5). The school will close for the Easter holidays at 12 noon on Friday, April 8th and re-open on Monday, April 25th.

The First Holy Communions are scheduled for Saturday, May 14th at 12 noon.

Finally, Mrs Ferry’s Fourth Class undertook a Chick hatching project recently and were delighted to see two lovely chicks hatch in recent days. It really is egg-cellent news!

County Debating Champions

Kilmacrennan National School Debating team is celebrating winning the 2022 County Final of the Concern Debating League following a three-way contest that involved Drumkeen NS and Greencastle National School.

Represented in the finals by Orla, Sadie and Conn (with Karen and Layla officiating in the background), Kilmacrennan now look forward to representing the county in the All Ireland Series, and to defending the All Ireland title they won last year.

Go n-éirí go geal leo.



Dear Parent/s

Our school has recently been busy on a number of fronts. We have moved two classes into our new modular buildings and we wish all well with the move. We also wish to thank Anne O’ Donnell for flipping over 200 pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. All classes in the school participated in World Book Day events in the school. Second, Fifth and the Solas Room pupils are undertaking a six-week swimming programme in the Aura Centre. Sixth Class pupils partook in the Sacrament of Confirmation and a lovely ceremony was enjoyed by all.

Our School Debating team have reached the County Final of Donegal Concern Debating League and we wish the team well in the competition.

The school will participate in the Healthy Eating ‘Food Dudes’ programme over the coming weeks. Pupils will receive an information leaflet in this regard in the coming days.

Tá Seachtain na Gaeilge ar siúl sa scoil faoi láthair, and we are hoping to have a number of pupils participating in in-house class events in the School Hall on Wednesday, 16th March. The pupils are free to dress in St Patrick Day/ Green theme outfits on the day.

Some of our senior class pupils will also participate in a Termon GAA Seachtain na Gaeilge concert in An Craoibhín at 7pm on Tuesday evening, March 15th.

As part of our PE programme, we have scheduled three gymnastics lessons (with qualified tutors) for all pupils in our school over the coming weeks. We respectfully request for a contribution of €5 per child to cover the cost of the three lessons, subject to a family maximum of €12. The classes are scheduled for Thursday, 24th, Thursday 31st March and Thursday, 7th April.

Letterkenny Pipe Band are seeking members from Fourth Class upwards and are to undertake the tuition of bagpipes and drumming at their Town Hall over the next number of weeks. Leaflets with the relevant information is available from the school. Milford AC club have also been in contact recently, seeking new members for the Athletic Club.

The Kilmacrennan NS 5K Run & Family Walk – as part of the Donegal Grand Prix Athletics Circuit – is scheduled for Thursday, May 5th at 7pm. Anybody wishing to help out with organising the event is asked to contact Master O’ Donnell or Monica McGranaghan.

Finally, though many restrictions have been lifted, Covid 19 remains prevalent in our community and we are aware of a number of cases in the school. Please continue to monitor your child’s health and seek medical advice if you have any concerns. Antigen tests can also be ordered via the HSE website, quoting 17036p as our school roll number.

The school is closed on Thursday, 17th March and Friday, 18th March (Public Holidays).

Yours sincerely,

John Devenney.

February Newsletter

Upcoming events

The Ceremony of Light for Sixth Class pupils is this evening, Tuesday 15th February at 7pm. The Sacrament of Confirmation is scheduled for Friday, 4th March at 6pm.

First Holy Communions are scheduled for Saturday, 14th May at 12 noon.

Please note that pupils in Second and Fifth classes will attend a six-week swimming course, starting on Thursday, 17th February. The cost is €7 per week, covering the bus and lesson cost.

Please note that the school will be closed on Thursday, 24th February and Friday, 25th February for Mid-term.

Other News

We are due to accept the handover of the new prefab this week and hope to transfer two classes to the building next week. With construction traffic also on site, the staff and bus car park has been quite busy recently and we ask, for pupil safety and vision line reasons, that parents do not drop off or collect their pupils in this area.

Our main building extension plans continue too and we have been granted planning permission for this in recent days though it may be a while before we have a sod-turning event!

Sixth Class recently enjoyed a most enjoyable tour of the Walls of Derry and also visited Grianán Aileach and Inch Wildfowl Reserve. The class have posted some lovely photographs on the Sixth Class drop-bar on the School website.

Our Senior Classes lunchtime soccer leagues are presently underway and the pupils are enjoying the competition.

If your child has an online presence, we request that you regularly refresh the importance of maintaining this in a a safe manner. We recently discussed Internet Safety with pupils from Third to Sixth classes, and helpful advice can be got on the site.

I wish to inform parents of children travelling on the school bus that the bus has recently been regularly arriving 15- 20 mins in advance of our school supervision times and that the pupils are unattended (and sometimes wet) outside the gates at variant times from 8.45/ 8. 50am onwards. The school does not accept any responsibility for pupils at this time nor do we supervise early arrivals, whether by bus or otherwise, and we ask that you liaise with the bus company in this regard. Entry to the yard is from 9am onwards only and we call pupils to the classroom from the yard at 9.20am each day.

Finally, I wish to thank you all for your co-operation in relation to Covid issues thus far. It has been greatly appreciated and has contributed greatly to the well-being of all. I respectfully ask that you keep us updated of any Covid concerns you may have and that you continue to keep your child at home if they are symptomatic/ family close contacts etc.

Yours sincerely,

John Devenney.

First Holy Communion & Confirmation Dates

First Holy Communions for Kilmacrennan NS are scheduled for Saturday 14th May @ 12noon.

Confirmations for Kilmacrennan NS are scheduled for Friday, 4th March @ 6pm.

  • School Holidays

    • Christmas Holidays
      All schools close on Friday, 22 December 2023, which is the final day of the school term.

      All schools re-open on Monday, 8 January 2024.
    • February Mid-Term
      The school will be closed for the February Mid-Term on Thurs 15th Feb & Fri 16th Feb
    • Easter Holidays
      There will be no school from Monday 25th March for two weeks.

      Re-opening on Monday 8th April.
    • Enrolment Application 2024/25
      We will accept applications for the 2024/25 school year in January 2024. We will post the  Admission Notice for mainstream and Special Classes, all relevant Enrolment Info, including Application dates and deadlines, in December 2023.

      Use the first link for Applications to our Mainstream Junior Infant class & for applications to other Mainstream Classes

      Enrolment Application Form  school year

      Please attach a copy of the child's Birth Certificate with the application.

      Please contact the School Office for Information regarding Applications for our ASD Class.

      Forms for Special Class Applications are listed below.

      NCSE-Application-Form-1-Application-for-access-to-SNA-support (9)

      SEN-School-Transport-Application-Form (22)