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The Life Cycle of the Chicks!

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Our History Tour of Derry

Our History Tour of Derry


Walking the walls of Derry





City Centre History



Relaxing on the Peace Bridge




Grianán Aileach






Rang a Sé Booklist
It will be necessary to purchase the following workbooks for the 2014-15 School Year.

New Wave Mental Maths 6

New Wave in English in Practice-Sixth Class,(Prim-Ed)

Spellbound 6

Ceartlitriú 6

Confirmation Work Book (C.J. Fallon) (this is a red workbook)
plus two Scrapbooks

• Planet Maths 6
• Reading Zone 6
• Bun go Barr 6
• Alive O – 8
• Treasury F
• Small World, History Book (C J Fallon) & Small World, Geography & Science(C J Fallon)

• Better English 6 (www.educate.ie)

School Book Rental system is also in place for pupil’s from Third to Sixth classes at a cost of €20 per pupil, subject to a family maximum contribution of €50. If you wish to participate in the rental scheme, please forward the money to the School Office by Wednesday, 11th June.   Alternatively, you may purchase the books at your own expense.


The school will re-open for pupils on Wednesday 27th August 2014

Each pupil should also have an Irish School Atlas (Collins) and an English and Irish Dictionary (preferably Collins)

Personalised School Diaries will be available on opening week
Other requirements
2 X Sum Copies, News Notebook, 2 X English Copies, 1 X Gaelige, 1 X SESE, 5 X Spare Copies, Folder, 2 X Pencils,,2 X Red Pens
2 X Blue Pens, 2 X Black Pens, Eraser, Sharpener, Long Ruler,Colouring Pencils or Twistables, Mathematical Set

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nature walk and misc 047

Local History Tour


nature walk and misc 042

This is just some of the wonderful work that our 6th Class students have produced so far this year.

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Class Art Work

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Little Angels Class of 2005notice boards 023

Little Devils Class of 2013
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Sam Maguire visits our school

  • School Holidays

    • June Bank Holiday
      The school will be closed Monday 1st June
    • Summer Closure
      The school will close on June 19th 2015 for Summer Holidays
    • School re-opens
      School re-opens on Mon 31 August 2015..
    • Halloween Holidays
      School closed week beginning Mon 26th Oct 2015
    • Christmas Holidays
      The school will close on Tues 22nd Dec '15 and re-open on Wed 6th Jan 2016.
    • Easter Holidays
      The school will close on Wed 16th March 2016 and re-open on Mon 4th April 2016.