6th Class


Dear Parent/ Guardian,
It has been decided to hold our Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, 28th August, in St. Columba’s Church, Kilmacrennan. Following the strict Government guidelines and protocols, it is necessary to have two separate ceremonies. The first will be at 11am and the second at 12.30pm.

The candidates for Confirmation will be invited to attend the ceremonies in alphabetical order according to their class list. There will be fifteen candidates attending each session. The seats will be marked with the candidates name on them. You are allowed to have two parents/guardians, and your sponsor. This means you are only able to have a pod of four altogether. This includes the young adult for confirmation.

The ceremony will comprise of the Rite of Confirmation without Mass (Sacrament of the Eucharist). The readings and prayers will be led by the class teacher and others. You are asked to arrive at least ten minutes early to park and find your allocated seat. Photographs are to be taken outside the Church before or after the ceremony. You are kindly asked not to take group photographs in the church to keep everyone safe, and to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

It is not necessary to wear the school uniform to the ceremony. You can come in smart casual clothes. The bishop has requested that any celebrations afterwards be kept strictly to family pods to keep everyone safe.

If you feel uncomfortable, or are unable to attend the ceremonies, please contact Fr. Dunne, and he can facilitate you to receive the sacrament at a regular mass in the future.

Below are the names for each ceremony. We apologise that we have to split the two groups but we have no choice with the guidelines and doing our best to  keep everyone safe under the protocols.

First Ceremony  11am
Sean B, Aoibhin B, Stephen B, Jake B,  John C, Ciara C, Brendan , Ronan ,  Salvatorie , Olivia , Oisin , Tori Lee , Rose , Charlie Gall, Charlie Gor. 

Second Ceremony  12.30pm Samuel , Kevin ,  Eleanor, Daithi , Darcy,  Fionn, Grainne , Ava , Leah,  Ellie, DJ , Ryan, Conor , Eoin , Caitlin.

We look forward to seeing you on your special day. God bless you all. 

Rang a Sé Booklist 2021-22

A School Book Rental system is in place for pupils from Third to Sixth classes at a cost of €35 per pupil, subject to a family maximum contribution of €60. For this fee, the school provides the following books:

Mathematics: Planet Maths 6,

English: Starlight 6, Treasury F, My Read at Home 6

Gaeilge: Léigh sa Bhaile F (CJ Fallon), Abair Liom H

SESE: Small World 6 History, Small World 6 Geography (C J Fallon), Let’s Discover Science Journal 6 (CJ Fallon)

Class Novels in English and Gaeilge

Religion textbooks and workbooks

The rental fee can be paid in late June, or the first week of the new term. Alternatively, you may purchase the above books at your own expense.



It will also be necessary to purchase the following workbooks for the 2021-22 school year, including those in the Book Rental Scheme.

New Wave English in Practice 6 (Prim-Ed);

New Wave Mental Maths 6 (Prim-Ed);

Spellbound 6 (CJ Fallon);

Fuaimeanna agus Focail 6 (Folens);

Map Skills 2 (CJ Fallon)

Mindful Matters 6 SPHE (CJ Fallon)

Notes : It is school policy to have pupil names in Irish on copies etc. Personalised School Diaries will be available on opening week.

Other requirements: 1 X Sum Copy, 1 X Class Copy; Packet Spare Copies; 2 X Pencils,,2 X Red Pens , Blue Pen, Black Pen, Calculator, Eraser, Sharpener, Long Ruler, Twistables, Black Sharpie, Highlighter, Markers, Mathematical Set, Set earphones, Pritstick; Ringbound folder with subject dividers



  • School Holidays

    • Halloween Holidays 2021
      All schools will close from Monday 25th October 2021 to Friday 29th October
      2021 inclusive
    • Christmas Holidays
      All schools will close on Wednesday 22nd December 2021, which will be the final
      day of the school term.
      All schools will re-open on Thursday 6th January 2022.
    • February Mid-term 2022
      We will close on Thursday 24th February 2022 and Friday 25th
      February 2022.
    • Easter Holidays 2022

      We will close on Friday 8 April 2022 and re-open on Monday 25th April 2022

    • May Bank Holiday 2022
      We will close on Monday 2 May 2022
    • June Bank Holiday 2022
      We will close on Monday 6 June
    • Summer Closing Date 2022
      We will close on Fri 17 June 2022. Please note that these dates are provisional and subject to change.


      Please contact the School Office for up to date enrolment information.

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      Enrolment Application Form for Mainstream Classes (including Junior Infants)  2021-22 school year

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